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Getting kicked of server during online session

Discussion in 'RaceRoom Racing Experience' started by Anthony Machenil, Feb 12, 2015.

  1. Everytime I join a online session (in ADAC GT Masters) I get kicked for no particular reason. When I get kicked, I go from cockpit view to the hood of the car and 5 seconds later I'm back in the menu.
    Anyone else experiencing this problem?

  2. Sometimes I have this problem with disconnections on DTM Experience.I can try many times without managing to remain on the server.
    Also,I lose the connection when another player connects to the server.
    Since few weeks,I have no problem.
  3. Yes, I only seem to have the problem when I join an online session in ADAC GT MASTERS. When I join a server in racing room racing experience I don't disconnect.
  4. im having the same issue whichever server I join.
  5. I have the Same Problem: i can join an empty Game, when somebody Is joining the session, i get kicked after exactly 5 seconds. When i want to join a game with Players, i get also kicked after 5 sec. Sent a message to s3, got an answer yesterday, that they Are working on the problem, maybe they will bring a Solution next week. I have switched Off the Firewall, didn't help. My Computer is completly new, anybody an idea, what we can try?
  6. James Nance

    James Nance
    I like Race cars? Premium

    Im having same problem. Gr 5 race at Lausitzring
  7. sucks nance
  8. I envy you guys getting knocked off the server. I has not let me online for a mp race since about December. Select the race, own track and car, pick car for race, screen dims and begins to load for about 8-10 seconds then goes back to "select car" screen until i get pissed off and go back to offline racing. I might try 5,6 10 or more times to join then, bingo, online. Once out of about fifteen attempts. No amount of uninstall/reinstall, verify files etc does a thing. Very frustrating. However, this sim is so damn cool, i just buy content for offline now and still spend ten hours a week, lapping/racing off line. So, it turns out I don't even have a complaint at all, I'm just lonely.
  9. This is a timing issue with the server.
    For example in the server list, you choose a server.It remains 5m30s before switching to the race.Loading time 2min.Normally,I have 3min before the end of the qualifying.
    As soon as you are accessing the server,time remaining is 10min.
    Final result:loss of connection.

    Last night,Bruno Spengler was online on DTM Experience 2014.
    The server was full.I had many problems to login.Several Crash Dumps.The game is in beta version but he is still very unstable on online.

    I have systematically a Game Crash when I connect to a server(switch to free practice/qualy or qualy/race).
    Each time a player connects to the server,there are slowdowns on the track.I don't understand why this problem hasn't been resolved.
    Last edited: Feb 16, 2015