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Getting frustrated

Discussion in 'iRacing' started by Lee Ross, Dec 12, 2010.

  1. First off this is not a post hating on iRacing as i love the sim. When i fisrt started using iRacing a good while back i used to use it on the odd occasion but recently i have really sunk my teeth into the sim and am hooked. As said a while back the thing i loved abou iRacing was the racing and because of the irating system people were careful around the track and there was hardly ever an incident in a race other than a racing incident.

    But tonight and the last few times i have tried racing the sim, it just seems that this has gone down in standards to me. I have not finished one race tonight due to the way people behave on track, i literally had a guy swaying from one side of the track to the other trying to stop me from making a clean pass. Some of the incidents involved me coming round a blind bend to 2 cars just sat there in the middle of the track after touching and i lose a whole chunk of points.

    My irating has just shot down tonight and so frustrating as i would like to move out of class D but am being hampered by silly driving mistakes. Some of the people i watch them and they are all over the show and to me if you can't keep the car in the right direction then you should not be entering the races but instead using the practise servers until you know you can lap consistently.

    I'm not trying to say i'm perfect but i really want to move on with this sim but i just seem doomed.

    Can anyone offer some advice on how to getting you rating up quicker, i presume that racing is the quickest? I am mainly using the skippy and racing in that series as for me it's the best iRacing car.
  2. Abdul Al-Amry

    Abdul Al-Amry
    2011 RD Indy 500 Winner

    My 2p

    - Practice Practice and Practice, preferably in practice servers with a good amount of drivers.
    - Qualify. This is so important and most drivers dont take it seriously. Qualifying gives you an indication of where you are in the races. You might qualy with a standard time but that gives you P1 in some race starts or maybe top 10, top 5. I always qualify for a series atleast once and everytime I race I am in a position with like minded peeps.
    - During the race my focus is to keep my pace and force the car ahead to make a mistake. Takes a few laps to learn his/her weakpoints and I use it against him/her.

    If all the above fails start from the pit. Some peeps have even finished much much higher by starting in the pits.

    Get to Star Mazda for some great racing m8.
  3. Abdul is right, there is a lot of good racing in the star mazda, and qualifying is very important. I had a bad week last week and just couldn't catch a break, I gave up a bunch of SR and more important irating, I guess that happens sometimes. You get SR for doing timetrails but it is only a portion of what you would get in the race.
  4. I am with you totally... I would already have a 4.0 rating in the rookie stuff if it wasn't for about 6 different races already that people are acting like schmucks. In three races alone I had people that had crashed and they just sat there waiting for someone to come around the bend and then they floor it and take you out with them. Even though you have nothing to do with them crashing. In my last race just a few minutes ago a guy spun way in front of another car and I and he just came back on to the track and there was no way for us to stop but he made sure that we didn't pass him at all cost. He ended up spining the guy in front of me and then I clipped him just ever so slightly but enough to take another 4 points. So I'm back down to a 3.67 again for the 6th time. I can't wait to get out of this rating... I do love iracing just not some of the goofy people in it at the moment...hehe
  5. lol, I got my wish for a non-schmuck race that I just got out of. I started in 7th and managed to barely get by for a 6th place finish. I even hit a 1:43 lap during the racing with more 1:44's and could seriouly barely keep up. The winning driver was hitting 1:41 lap times, man I can't wait to get a wheel and get rid of this flight stick...lol... Good news is I got a +11 back to my SR...

    **EDIT** This was at Laguna, in the rookie Mazda MX-5
  6. I run the Skippy races and while I'm not one of the fastest drivers (C license) I usually finish a few places ahead of my starting position by not trying to advance too much in the first two laps of the race.

    I watch to see which driver's have good control of their cars and which ones don't (I also try to notice this in the warmup laps).

    If I'm behind someone who is reckless or who has poor car control, I usually will lay back for a lap or so and wait for them to make a mistake, crash or I try to pass them in a fairly safe spot on the track. After a few laps you can usually tell what kind of driver's are in the split you are racing in and then adjust how you are going to run your race.

    If I'm in a race with very good drivers in it, like when I end up in the first split. Well then I can take more chances on the first few laps as you can usually count on the people in that split not to make stupid mistakes most of the time. Not to say I don't at times.

    Another point. Sometimes you just go through spells of bad racing luck by being at the wrong place on the track at the wrong time. It might not be your fault or you might think it wasn't your fault and then you look at the replay and see that maybe you could have avoided the accident if you had done something different

    Abdul also makes some good points.
  7. Thanks Abdul and others, i guess it's sods law really as after writing the post i entered a Mazda race at Laguna, started 8th and managed to get upto 5th by T4 and once again somebody hit me from behind under braking. But managed to recover and win the race. I have been visting the online praccy servers more than anything as i like to only enter races when i feel comfortable with the combo as it's only fair to other drivers.

    As said it was not meant to be a iRacing slagging post but it just seemed to have fallen in the standard of driving to me but i'm sure it's like yoiu guys have said and you just get days like that.
  8. Maybe they should make it so you have to get a certain safety rating before being able to enter races? I've not done one race where I've not been knocked off the track yet
  9. I personally think making everybody use the spotter by standard would help alot. I love the spotter and is great for when you lose view of cars around you. You can see blatenly the guys that don't use it as they are just not aware of you around them and other times is just guys blatenly being unfair and looking to cause issues.
  10. last few races i've had have been super tight clean battles from lap 1 to checkers. I had hit a string of bad races as well, that really got me down, but its those few stellar races that will keep ya coming back.