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Get your elbows out!

Discussion in 'Stock Car Extreme' started by Bill Devery, Jul 8, 2013.

  1. Hi all,

    Maybe a Noob question but i have never seen Hands and Arms before in any GSC Vid posted (See Vid below).

    Just a glitch or is this possible? Certainly would add to the realism...

  2. I always disable driver and wheel in cockpit view. I already see my own arms and my wheel so no point to watch virtual ones. But for vids it most certainly adds to realism in cockpit view if you can see arms and wheel.

    But iirc you can set visible arms in GSC, at least in .PLR file if not in game menu. But as I said I never use them so please someone correct me if I'm wrong.
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  3. Ok, thanks Jebus :)
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  4. That'll just be a glitch from, most likely, using an altered cam file or something. There's a bit of a hack included to add the "moving" arms for external views which has the potential to cause this kind of behaviour, though it shouldn't by default. There's no PLR option to enable them.

    In any case you can include the arms in the cockpit view too just be editing F_Reiza.gen a little. Backup first!

    Open the file and scroll down to Instance=WHEEL, and remove lines which call for F1R_SWHEEL_INT.gmt (this is the cockpit steering wheel, with no arms attached).

    Now change the LODIn values for all lines calling F1R_SWHEEL_T.gmt from LODIn=(0.7) to LODIn=(0.0)

    This should work, though it's completely untested. And the gloves are meant to be viewed from external views only so aren't overly high quality and there may be some clipping issues too. So make of this what you will :p
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  5. Thanks nickovey. Love your work m8 ;)