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Misc Get the Shine back in converted mods.... 2014-09-14

Files for fixing car paint on conversions

  1. Jok3sta submitted a new resource:

    Get the Shine back in converted mods.... - Files for fixing car paint on conversions

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  2. Patrick Giranthon

    Patrick Giranthon
    Premium Member

    Don't you think it will crash loading tracks? Shared folder must only have 3 files.
  3. I removed all of the files that were causing the crashing of the tracks. The 3 files a that came stock are in the zip as well. I still need to trim some of the files out as they all aren't needed.
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  4. At the latest version of Laguna Seca

  5. Thanks a lot for this @Jok3sta . A really big help! I'll try it out this evening.
  6. No Problem.. Let me know how it works out. Make sure you save your entire shared folder just so you have it to revert back to just in case.
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  7. Is this a general fix for rfactor mods used in GSC or only for specific mods? Can you please elaborate?
  8. There are some converted-from-rFactor mods that end up in GSC 2013 working fine but with a matte (/non-glossy) finish. This problem happened to me with the Honda NSX mod and the Corvette (CR6?) mod and the V8Factor Unleashed mods.

    Although the converted NSX and Corvette mods became glossy after the GSc v1.20.1.21 updates (all good :)), but the converted V8Factor Unleashed mod (which had been nice n' glossy before V1.20/1.21) then turned matte.

    So, to answer you, it's only a problem for some specific mods.
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  9. Thank you. Is it possible to add gloss to the Porsche Carrera Cup mod? It's too matte to my taste.
  10. I think @Jok3sta 's solution won't add gloss where there was no gloss in the original mod. What @Jok3sta 's solution does (i reckon) is that it makes sure converted mods maintain their original glossiness. So if the PCC mod wasn't that glossy in rFactor, it won't get glossier using @Jok3sta 's solution. But if it was glossier in rFActor, it should get glossier in GSC using @Jok3sta 's solution.
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  11. Yes like @Billy Pilgrim said, these files only restore the shine back to the rfactor mods. To change the shine on the cars i think you have to mess with the .mas file. I have been looking into this as i dont like the gloss on some of the mods. There supposed to be a way to change the cubemap files but it has not worked for me yet. I will definately post up when I find out how. BTW i think the gloss on the porcshe cup is fine. Give is a more realistic look. Maybe could use a little more shine to be perfect.
  12. I tried your Shared folder. I'm afraid it didn't seem to make any difference to the one mod (V8Factor Unleashed) where lost glossiness was a problem.

    In fact, before V1.20/21 I had the problem of no glossiness with the Corvette mod and the NSX mod (which we discussed together in another thread - and you gave me a tip on how to remedy it). Since v1.2, though, the Corvette and NSX were perfect simply with the new v1.2 Shared folder. However, since v1.2, V8Factor Unleashed has lost its shine (it was fine before).
  13. Sorry this didnt work for you. What version V8factor Unleashed did you convert. Im going to try it and see if I can fix it. I thought I had this mod but i have the V8Supercar 2012 mod. This is how mine looks. Its not very glossy but its not flat either. There is some gloss to it..

  14. This is how my Porcshes look. I think it looks pretty decent actually..
  15. Here are a couple of other mods that the files helped with. ( I dont remember if the Bentley was flat or not but ill post it anyway)




  16. To my opinion the Porsche lacks bright and a bit mirror-like reflections like the red Audi has, that car looks more realistic to me.
  17. It is called "V8Factor Unleashed", here: http://www.rfactorcentral.com/detail.cfm?ID=V8Factor Unleashed . I noticed a big difference in its glossiness after the V1.2 updates.
    I've also got the V8Factor mod whose glossiness (which is fine) was unaffected by the v1.2 updates. But it's not as great looking as the V8Factor Unleashed mod when it's glossy.
    It'd be great if you found a fix.
  18. Im not sure if it were shinier than this. When I first installed it it was a bit dull but after i replaced the coverted shared folder files with the original shared files, It got a little more sheen to it. let me know
  19. You say "When I first installed it". What do you mean "it"? Do you mean V8Factor? or V8 Factor Unleashed?
  20. I meant the V8factor Unleashed. When i first installed it, it was a bit dull like you said. But after i replaced the shared folder from the converted with the files from the original rfactor files, it now looks like the picture I posted. Not ultra shiney but better.