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Get nKPro v1.3 Beta 1 now! [for real this time]

Discussion in 'netKar PRO' started by Marc Good, Feb 11, 2011.

  1. thanks Marc, now is real for real :D

    thanks KUNOS :thanks:
  2. Great, download now!
  3. Getting a create device fail. crash

    Anybody else?

    Nevermind, It was a 3d directx resolution problem needed to be reset.
  4. downloading now, good job i can have a lie in tomorrow :D
  5. Well that's a really nice improvment!!! I love the Osella...i loved that car since i was 12, and now it's in my hands!!!:pray::pray::pray::pray::pray: I reached the 10th km in the Trento Bondone without crashing, pushing like hell, then i crashed at 5kmh and destroyed the fl wheel...shame!! Then i tried it on normal track with rain and sun, and it's absolutely AWESOME [IMHO]!!!

    It's so sensible to the setup modifications! U can dress it...ike an Armani Suit!! :D

    The Vintage is spectacular too. And it's even one of the best looking classic car!! Being a beta release i noticed that the vintage has not the automatic clutch off option; but for now it's nice too... The handling is so real, and the only thing i'd desire in this car, is the locked rear differential!! Because this car is insane....u can handle it in the way u want!! And i suggest all of u using the 900° on ur wheel because u can drift like a God!! With rain it's almost spectacular too...

    Then i tested the rain with the KS2 and [IMHO] it's quite accurated!! When u on 2nd gear, go full throttle on the wet tarmac u reach, for example, the 75% of the traction. So ur rear tires slip a bit but eventually they reach the correct grip. But if u push the throttle on the puddle...well u'll reach 50% of the traction and even loss...! That a nice simulation!! [IMHO]

    I feel almost the real driving with the KS2 and the rain; the only time i felt like today was with a real competition car in a real wet track (well i am not a professional driver, but i tested the fun cup during snow, and the sensations i feel that day, i have found almost this evening!) and that is astonishing!

    Now put some [IMHO]random in this topic...i am NOT telling that what i said is LAW...i am just enthusiastic for this game, and i am sharing my opinions!!
  6. Agree in almost everything Gaetano, just add, the sound off the rain dropping and car going through the puddles is just fantastic.
  7. the above and the sound of lighting
  8. Also, there's a new sound when the car rubs the ground.
  9. nice one thanks..... 15 seconds to go on download... c'mon... c'mon!!
  10. Trento Bondone is a very nice track. With the Osella and the rain it's just huge. The wet track looks so real.

    Very good job.

  11. very nice additions to NKPro but is anyone getting a lot of crash to desktops?
  12. Yes.. It seems a bit unstable when racing online. I had several "Nks.exe has a problem and needs to shutdown".
  13. Nice! Just finished downloading. Can you say Christmas in February? I feel like a kid again. This is the addon I've waited patiently for, since the beginning of NKP. Thanks to all involved.
  14. @jason yeah same problem here. nks.exe has encountered a problem and needs to close.
  15. This beta is very good compared to everything else before it. I just did two 5 lap races at Newbury online, in the wet with the guys. The tyre physics is vastly improved and much closer to reality. The only issue I've encountered so far, is that at the end of both races...(before I got a chance to save the replay)... the NKP .exe unexpectedly stopped working with the desktop going to half screen. I have an SLI setup so I'll try to send the dump files for analysis just to rule out that aspect. During the errors, I simply restarted NKP to get back to the server list and all was good again.
  16. Im going to buy nKP just because of this update :)
  17. Yeah, i agree Sergio and Abdulhaq: the sound of the rain is nice, and the thunder's too!

    Actually i noticed that the rain doesn't impact on the windshield of the Vintage; BUT for being a beta, that's an impressive step!! Well done Kunos!
  18. U'll save 5€ man, and u'll get all this stuff!!
  19. This is an incredible update. If only the Vintage didn't have automatic clutch... :)