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Mods Germany Realistic Color Mod 1.1

Natural Colors for German Rally Stages

  1. GethemaAT submitted a new resource:

    Color Palette Mod for German Rally - natural colors without yellow tint

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  2. thanks a lot. nicely done.:cool:
  3. Glad you like it, eventually there'll be more stuff coming up soon ;)
  4. Looks so much better! Awesome work again!
  5. Thanks for your comments guys, let me know if there is anything I can improve :)
  6. I dont know anything about this types of mod, but if there is anything to improve, it maby can decrese the "blue" colour I seems to see in this mod? I cant describe this in the right way in english but anyway, I think this is 100% better then the yellow looking Germany.
  7. So you think it now has a blueish tint to it? That's interesting, feedback from other sources indicates that it might still be containing proportionally too much red color; I think there are so many different factors involved in this equation, e.g. visual settings, monitor used, monitor color calibrated or not, personal color preference etc., that it might be hard to come up with a preset that satifies each and every taste ;)
  8. Oh, you miss understod me. I think this mod looks real good and its soooo much better then original.
    I had to squeeze something out and then it was that it MABY had little bit to much blue colour BUT as I said. MABY... :) :)

    I like it alot. I want it to look as it does with our own eyes, not like the original yellow look.
  9. Sorry if there's been a misunderstanding, no harm taken and intended.

    Will tweak the mod further as I incrementally improve the color scheme of other settings (the next one is already in the works ;))
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  10. What do you think about Sunny midday Monte Carlo stages? Would you like to mod these colour to? :)

    I think that really have some modding potential! :)

    Cartoon look? Or is it just me? :)
  11. Currently working my way through the rallycross tracks, will come to Monte Carlo a bit later. Plan is to check and color correct those settings and conditions that need it the most. Codies' defaults are already very good most of the times, so don't expect any miracles.
  12. Good news everybody - a new update is inbound for this mod, altering all conditions in Germany for a much more realistic look!

    This time the mod is much more "sophisticated" if I dare say as it does no longer rely on changing the color palette (and induce side effects like color banding and other artifacts) but tweaking the entire lighting system itself instead. A few sample shots:




  13. thanks. good news, indeed.:cool: