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German National Week!

Discussion in 'RACE 07 Racing Club & Leagues' started by Eric Nelson, Jun 21, 2010.

  1. Yes the American Racing Club has created "National weeks" for the immediate future!

    Tracks from a specific nation or nations all week long in every single event!

    German-Flag.jpg Germany just seems like the perfect place to start! How else can you describe the German influence in racing and motoring except FANATICAL!

    bmw-logo_100167022_l.jpg Audi_Logo.jpg MercedesBenz_Logo.jpg porsche-logo.jpg

    Add in a track like the world famous Nordschleife and it definitley qualifies as a true "Racing Nation!"

    We will begin celebrating on Sunday June 27th thru July 3rd!

    Here is the schedule of events for GERMAN WEEK!

    Sunday 6/27 DTM at Norisring Audi and Benz cars only

    Monday 6/28 GT sports @ Nurburgring Endurance

    Tuesday 6/29 F1 @ Hockenheimring GP 2004

    Wednesday 6/30 MINI @ Vayline

    Thursday 7/01 Radical @ Oschershleban 2006

    Friday 7/02 WTCC 06/07 @ Nurburgring GP

    Saturday 7/03 Porsche cup at Euro Speedway Lausitzring DTM

    Join us all week long as we celebrate GERMANY and it's racing heritage!
  2. Boo!

    Well, I love the concept, but the only two days I can race have lame cars! :p

    Wish I could hit up the DTM and Porsche races with you guys! Have fun!
  3. SO your saying RADICALS, GT SPORTS, F1 and MINI's are no fun? hhhmmmmm enjoy those chicken McNuggets the rest of your life kid! LOL

  4. I said the days I can race! That's Weds/Thurs. I take back my comment on the Radicals. Mini's are no fun for me though.
  5. oh I get it now.............
  6. Wish I could race more this week, I love german cars (i have 2 in real life) maybe I can make the mini event and the friday event. Humm...... what could I buy my wife to keep her busy those 2 nights. hehe :)
  7. The vayline thread was closed so I came here. I know every week you do the mini challenge, have you guys thought about the audi R8 challenge at vayline. Just something to spice things up.
  8. opened the thread! We unfortunately have a some what specified schedule from 'corporate" to adhere to thus far. Though given the success we have enjoyed, I imagine we have the full control now to decide kinda what we want to do
  9. That's what I like to hear some of the races were getting a little repetitive. But still a blast.