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General PC question

Discussion in 'RACE 07 - Official WTCC Game' started by Justin Swan, Oct 19, 2012.

  1. Justin Swan

    Justin Swan

    Anybody know how stop other programs popping up when in the middle of the race? For example, I've had JAVA update pop up in the middle of a race and minimised STEAM!!!
    Is there a way to give Race 07 or STEAM exclusive rights while in use?

    Thanks in advance.
  2. Nope, you need to eliminate them one by one. Windows Update is a tricky thing, on the other hand it may cause problems during the race but cause definitely more problems if then forget to do it manually, i keep it on manual so it never interferes...

    For other updates...

    Run MSConfig (type msconfig in the win 7 search or on XP "Run" prompt) and check your startup program list.. Or google how to use msconfig, then apply what you learned. Basically, cut down all non-microsoft non-important programs for starting up, use CCleaner to uninstall all Google update, apple update etc. then apply register cleanup to get really rid of them. Check your Task Scheduler and clean it if needed.

    Good game PC has nothing set on automatic... It's then user responsibility to update and maintain the system, unfortunately.. Some skill is needed, happily gamers are the most tutorial prone sub-species, so there's tools and tutorials around. Google/duckduckgo for more info.

    Last time i had game minimized was like 6 months ago but windows update bothered me yesterday, even thou i had it turned down (network adapter driver refresh caused 24 updates for windows.. lol.) There's some stuff that can not be avoided like antivirus update so make it happen the instant you turn on computer or some designated update time, make all updates happen at that time, for ex sunday noon.
  3. Justin Swan

    Justin Swan

    Thanks for your reply.
    Is it possible to have a seperate sign in just for gaming with nothing else enabled? ie java, antivirus, windows update etc etc?
  4. You can do new user account for gaming, that'll give you options to even tune the system differently. Haven't done it my self, running single user (admin) XP Pro 32bit,,, Can't think of a simpler OS for gaming..
  5. You can schedule the updates manually
  6. If you're running W7 (it's almost the same thing for XP ) click start and type user and choose Change user account control settings and change the notification level to low (i recommend you do this only when gaming) it should stop a lot of notifications from popping up.

    For antivirus go in settings and search for notification settings (pretty sure all antiviruses have it, or see it they have smth called gaming mode -most new ones have- in this mode no notifications will be shown).

    For java or any other programs that get in the way you can kill the services.
    Ways to do this:
    1)Stop them from even starting up, most start up when windows starts. To do this go to start and type " msconfig ", go to services and browse to stop services that you don't want and also check out startup and stop services you don't want to start at windows startup (Java and almost all auto update services adobe and so on can be disabled from startup )

    2)You can stop services only when you are gaming, to do this go to start and type " services " (it's basically the advanced version of " msconfig " as far as services go. See there what you don't want and right-click and stop, you can start them after you've finished gaming. Or you can go to properties and choose how they start, or disable them completly.

    WARNING: From services you can stop everything (if you click disable all) you'll stop EVERYTHING, you're pc will become usless until you restart them. Read carefully and if you're not sure you can google them or send me a message and i'll try to help you out.

    P.S. this is a great way to prank someone :)) (by stopping every service )
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  7. Justin Swan

    Justin Swan

    Thanks for that. I'll set up another admin user and apply the above and only use it for online racing. Then switch back to normal login for everything else :)