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General Discussion

Discussion in 'PS4 | F1 2016 Weekday Championship' started by SJM1337, Aug 17, 2016.

  1. Thread for general discussion about the game or the league...
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  2. So I just installed the update version 1.02 on to my game, and now my steering wheel keeps obnoxiously jumping around when i get in to 5th through 8th gears, and I have tried tweaking just about every wheel setting to get it to stop but nothing is working. This is especially annoying when I am setting up for Eau Rouge, as the wheel is constantly turning left and right down the straightaway. Is this happening to anyone else? How do I get it to stop?
  4. Can't play the game like this!!
  5. Damn Andrew, I said you had to take just a quarter of the damn pill!
  6. This game really isn't all that impressive to me to be honest. Definitely overhyped. Still can get away with so much by making a small mistake and the cars have too much grip. Curbs are also hugely unfair
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  7. Agree with the curbs and tyre wear is horrible on a pad compared to a wheel
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  8. Guys, now im coming back to league racing, i could really do with some help. Ive barely played much on racing games over the last three years.

    Can anybody help me on:

    Setup for steering wheel (Thrustmaster T300)?
    Setups for tracks etc, ive heard that the "old faithful" doesn't work anymore?
    General tips and hints for returning to league racing?

    Im guessing with this new game we can save a lot of time by attacking the pit lane.
    Tyre wear seems pretty low for me based on the one career race i did last night, thoughts?
    Are the equal cars actually equal yet?
    How are people recording if they are not live streaming?

    Any help would be appreciated!

    Ben xx
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  9. To put it simply, don't do anything sam brown would! :D
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  10. For the wheel I got 0 on everything apart from brake deadzone (10%) and brake lienarity (15%), FFB is 90, 75, 75.

    Setups, I guess we'll just learn them as we go along, and general tips? Uhh, just make sure you don't do a Blakeley and crash under the SC, otherwise you should be fine. :D
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  11. Setups this year are pretty default, apart from some small changes to suit your own drivingstyle. Have a look at the top of the time trail times and copy their setups, gives you a head start. Cars seem to be equal, apart from the redbull which has a different gear ratio. I am personally recording with a HD PVR 2 Gaming edition.
  12. I moved my steering saturation to 45, as I prefer the small movements on my steering wheel when driving (my wheel sits a bit lower, close to my knees, so it's tough to opposite lock). But other than that, I copied Saif's wheel settings.

    Haven't tinkered much with setups yet, but I like Martijn's idea about using time trial setups and take it from there with small tweaks.

    Did not notice anything about tire wear yet ... but we get to play with the fuel setting modes again which should make for an interesting strategy.

    I'm sure Mike will help you out with anything else you need. That's what your teammate is for!

    I will not be recording this season.

  13. A online A.I. race that started with disappointment of me and Neil crashing out turned into an amazing race to watch as we commentated over it haha.
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  14. Welp, I'm slow af. I have some work to do :thumbsup:
  15. Surely it's mandatory to record the first 15mins of the race on the consoles hard-drive :rolleyes: ?
  16. It would be useful, the only issue is finding an ideal time in the race to go to the share menu to save the recording, maybe pit stops?
  17. I'm not sure which control method you use but if you switch around a few settings it's a double tap of the share button on the PS pad. No need to exit the game & it records 15 mins. Maybe everyone should press it during the load up sequence between Quali & race.

    Sorry just seemed a no brainer for any 1st corner shenanigans.

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  18. Oh is it? I'll give it a try I always thought you had to go into the share menu to save a clip but that would be so much easier.
  19. Yeah no need to come out of the game.
    I will do a walk thru of how to set up if anyone needs it.

    Just brings alittle more responsibility to the grid if you know everyone is recording.
  20. As stated before, making it "mandatory" to record is not really what this league is about.

    One thing is for certain - once I start racing, the recording is not any thing that I am thinking about, so I am probably going to forget.