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GeForce GTX 670 vs GTX 550 Ti

Discussion in 'Sim Racing Hardware' started by Ho3n3r, Aug 30, 2012.

  1. So I would like some human advice on the above topic, instead of just looking at the numbers.

    I have the 550, but I could get the 670 if it's really worth it, regardless of the price, as I do not want a minor upgrade.

    Now, on here http://www.hwcompare.com/12519/geforce-gtx-550-ti-vs-geforce-gtx-670/ , it seems that the upgrade is not as significant as you might hope, but on tomshardware.com's tier system it is 6 tiers higher than mine, so it seems like a viable upgrade.

    So I am a bit uncertain whether it is really a good upgrade for me? Please help, anyone :D

    Anyone who did a similar swop who could give me advice would be a nice bonus!
  2. Peter

    who cares Premium

    Be clicking on the link there's a very big difference between the 2.
    There's also a big difference between a 550 and the new 660.
    But it depence on the CPU you have, a crappy CPU can makes almost no difference between the 2.
    Comparing the 2 gpu at Anandtech, the 660ti is 2x faster in games
  3. You mean 670? Thanks for the advice by the way :)

    My GPU is the i5 2500k 3.3 GHz, which always has my GPU at 100% usage, so I'm pretty sure my GPU is the bottleneck here :p but that will swop around if I buy this card, surely?

    Do you think my CPU will be too big a burden for this card, or will it be worth it?
  4. Peter

    who cares Premium

    With the i5 the 670 will still run a 99%, never got 100%.
    The 660ti is almost as fast as a 670 but the 660 is € 278 and the 670 is € 358. Its your choice.

    Its easy to set the i5 to 4.2 ghz
  5. So it will clearly be an upgrade for me by the looks of it? :D

    The 670 I can get 2nd hand for slightly cheaper than the 660, so I'd rather buy the 670 :p

    Did the 670 run at 99% on a motherboard that didn't overclock? Because mine cannot overclock, I have the ASUS P8H67M-LX motherboard...

    I really appreciate the help!!!
  6. Peter

    who cares Premium

    The ASUS P8H67M-LX will Turbo Boost the CPU from 3,3 to 3,7
  7. Yep :D But is it at 3.7 that it uses 99% GPU, or when you OC it to 4.2?
  8. Dewald, in BF3 terms my one team mate's GTX670 runs faster than my GTX580.

    Also PM me I have a mate with a 670 that is selling his 670 as he went 2x EVGA 670 as he imports them so might be able to help with a good price too. Think he wants R3000 for the 670
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  9. Peter

    who cares Premium

    3,7 is enough for games.I notice no difference between 3,3 or 4,2 only in benchmarks.
    If its not 100% you have to turn the settings up in the game.
    There is no bottleneck between i5 2500k And 670.
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  10. Is this Justin from Germiston by any chance? :D That's where I am buying from today, at the same price :p

    Do you know which manufacturers he gets? The one I'm gonna get thus far is the Innovision one.

    Good to see yet another South African on here!
  11. ROFL you are kidding right?

    Yes one of my clan mates AKA "Trompie"
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  12. Imagine his surprise when I greet him 'Hallo Trompie hoe gaan dit vanmiddag? Tiens stuur groete!' :p hehe.

    Small world hey :D

    Found his ad on Gumtree this morning. Haha. This is funny :laugh:
  13. You should do that :)

    Very good oke, buy all my stuff through him and warranty has never been a problem when buying through him.
  14. Very good to know :D you always prepare for the worst when buying 2nd hand these days, so reassurance is a positive.

    Would he always be able to sell to me, or is it only exclusive friends that have that privilege?
  15. Don't think he will have a problem. Only sells certain brands and hardware though.
    Just ask and I'm sure he won't be funny about it :)
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