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PC Gears

Discussion in 'Assetto Corsa' started by Rob Every, Aug 26, 2016.

  1. OK bought this on good old Steam sale and am rather miffed with the gears at the moment. I run a G25, old faithful and for cars that in period use H, I try to use H.

    I was bought up playing RF, played it for years and other titles like Dirt Rally, RF2, played Iracing etc. So am sued to playing with H shift and clutch there, but you can over-ride it with blipping as you can in Enduracers, classic F1 mods etc. So, yes if you bang it down gears without blipping it is jerky and locks rears, but if you time your blips right you get lovely smooth downchanges without having to heel and toe.

    Came to this and can't use h shifter without having to heel and toe?

    Is this right?

    I have tried to select auto blip and auto clutch, both together and independently and they seem to get ignored if you use h shift?

    Is there anything I can do? I have tried learning to heel and toe and have tried a few times for a few hours now and it is honestly like trying to learn to write left handed, feels so, so wrong, so so slow and awful.

    And I am about as good at it now as I was when i started.

    Is there anything you can do, any mod that can be used?
  2. Well, before I used heel and toe I did use auto-blip, worked like it should, although it was quite a while ago. Don't know which build it was.

    It takes some time to get used to heel and toe, but it's great fun when you're able to do it.
    Though I have to admit I use ABS, without it I also can't do it well (TBH, at all) since the stock brake pedal resistance is too low to get a constant brake power and throttle blip.

    But one crucial thing I learned after the first attempts to heel and toe with the G25 pedals:


    The problem is that the brake and throttle pedals are in the same line, so when you hit the brake it's difficult to blip the throttle.

    I removed the black plastic part under the metal throttle plate, that sets the curved metal plate a bit back.
    Then I put some rubber with zip ties on the brake pedal so it forms a platform that's close to the size/shape of the original pedal, it's probably adds about 1 to 1,5 cm to the pedal.

    This way it's way easier to blip.

    Edit: Just remembered, I also switched the long and narrow throttle plate with the shorter but wider clutch plate, also helps to reach the throttle pedal while braking with your right foot.
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  3. If you can match rpm then you can shift without the clutch, it will damage the transmission if you miss though.

    If you're using the clutch you don't need to heel & toe, just release the clutch slowly enough that it doesn't lock the wheels. The autoclutch takes about a second on downshifts for example.
  4. I think you are spot on schnipp. I used a mates different wheel a while ago and heel and toeing felt more simple and natural, I guess after many years of sim gaming I use the pedals at the bottom, sometimes even the stem, so going across to the stem almost on the other side bloody hurts my feet!! So your foot reacts and comes off the brakes a bit lol!

    Some truly great and DIY tips there buddy, I will have to try them!! You should put that on youtube!!!

    Stereo, I did find with some cars I could change without the clutch, but as you say it graunches at times, and
  5. I think I got those tipps of a youtube video. Dont't know for sure anymore.

    Might have been this one or a similar video:

    It's a sleeker solution, but the same principe behind it. I just didn't have much to go with back when I did the modifications, so it's the DIY solution in my case.