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Discussion in 'RACE 07 - Official WTCC Game' started by Sebastien Levret, Nov 17, 2008.

  1. A question about the Gearbox.

    What is the best way to adjust the gearbox ?
    Like the first picture, with a long 1st and 2nd gear ?

    Or like the second picture ?

    Maybe with the first one, it can be easier in the slowest turns ? Because you don't have to change the gear sooner than the second configuration.
    (I drive the seat in WTCC)

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  2. it's completely up the track, i would go for short shifts in a bendy track and maybe with some uphill sections ...

    Long gears is imo for long tracks like Monza.

    - Niels Pedersen
  3. I usually try to only change 5th and 6th and leave the others stock - that way you get good acceleration out of the slower corners and a good top speed.
  4. On a track with only a couple of slow corners you can lengthen 1st gear right out as you can use 1st for the slow corners but still have resonably short ratios for good drive at high speed.

    For example in Forza I used to set 1st gear at 70mph for Nordschleife. I used it in just one place but it meant I was able to have the other gears shorter while still retaining a good top speed.
  5. Long gears help in endurance races.

    • From the mechanical point of view:

    Help the tires, help the engine temperature and fuel consumption.

    • From driving comfort point of view (very important):

    As you exit at lower rpm, you can give it full throttle in most turns, wish helps when you are giving 18 laps (for instances) on the Nordschleife (120 mins race), you are becoming tired and are more error prone.

    In this situation, with the higher rpm version (shorter gears), a distraction with the accelerator pedal (or tires too worn) gives a power slide at corner exit, wish if you are constantly correcting, becomes too tiring and maybe you react too late and a 120 min race may end in a frontal crash with a wall.:pissed-off:

    In general, a “twitchy”, “reactive”, "explosive”, setup, might be the quickest one and be able to work for a qualifying lap or for 1, 2, 3 laps at the Nordschleife (for instances). Even in the very common (in the public servers) sprints, wish last for only about 20 mins (3 laps), on the 3rd lap it is a common sight to see power slides "left & right" that end in full 360's or worst.

    Btw, long, long, but keep the engine working in the “proper” rpm.
    Wish in most engines should be somewhere between "just before" the torque peak and "just after" the horse power peak. No point in over rpm (like many do) or grinding the engine ;).
  6. I second that : sometimes in really slow corner, I use the 1st gear. In this case, if I put to much throttle at the corner exit, I can feel my tires screeching and tiring, which in the end means losing time & degrading front tyres (FWD car).
    So now, I am trying to stay in 2nd gear :)
  7. I think it is a good way to stay on 2nd gear.
    Getting down to 1st makes it slow out....

    Better to stick with Slow in Fast out approach

  8. Yes, that’s another way of doing it, instead of a longer gear setup, we can also exit a corner a gear up with full throttle (even if using a short gear setup)...

    Like any setup it is always a compromise that has to suit your driving style and comfort.
  9. Thanks a lot for your comments, I will try several setup to put the right compromise between the speed, the engine nervousness, the tire wear...