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Gearbox havoc

Discussion in 'RaceRoom Racing Experience' started by Richard Eriksson, Oct 8, 2014.

  1. On realistic mechanical damage setting, is it actually possible to NOT destroy your gearbox? Especially in DTM experience, the thing is as fragile as a spider web in a hurricane.

    If i clutch on upshifts only and carefully rev match on downs, to left foot trail brake it is gone by lap 9 or 10. If i only lift on ups (force shift) it is gone on lap 1 or 2.

    If i clutch all the time and slowly release clutch on downshifts it can make it longer, but as soon as you release the clutch a bit fast a couple of times it is gone.

    Am i the only one finding these a bit on the fragile side, for being a model of a sequential straight cut box with what i would presume to be a quite heavy duty packed clutch?

    Not even my real life old WV Golf dirt track racing fun car with the standard road car transmission is this fragile, when abused.

    Also, the game seems to trigger damage as soon as there is a clutchless shift, even if the rev match is exact and no torque is on the driveline.

    Feels strange.

    Also, i would have thought the DTM teams used engine cut electronics, but maybe they don't? I am a bit rusty on the DTM regulations of later years... But when looking at the races on tv it sounds like a cutter...
  2. This game is far from ideal for now. Yes. progress is here, but slow.
  3. They said in the Q&A that they will make the transmission less sensitive.
  4. Peter

    who cares Premium

    Why would anyone use a clutch with DTM cars, can't remember having any gearbox damage.
    Only when I downshift to fast.
  5. Yup definitely something wrong with the gearbox damage, breaks far too easy.
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  6. Yep, agreed 100%, the gearbox is made of glass I think :p
    Because we can? :)
    Sometimes I want to get close to reality, sometimes I just want to have fun, using a H-shifter = more fun than paddles/seq imo.
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  7. Oh i dunno, because the game makes you if you turn off Auto Clutch?
    Get a grip Peter. No need for the constant mock-offended-i-am-the-greatest-fanboy-and-there-is-nothing-wrong-with-how-i-do-things-or-my-game-it's-PERFECT posts.
    You do more harm than good.
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  8. Oh but WHY would you want to use something you have paid for? Why would you want to try and simulate the real life gearbox and set up?

    If Peter had his way he'd ban anyone from using anything but paddles and no clutch.
  9. Real life DTM cars don't have clutch and a shifter though, they use seq or paddles.
  10. James Nance

    James Nance
    I like Race cars? Premium

    Things will break for there unattended use otherwise turn mechanical damage off? :whistling:
  11. I think you mean unintended, but anyways, I think the gearbox should break if it's abused, but it seems a bit over the top as it is atm.
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  12. That's my point. The 'game' forces you to use a clutch in cars that don't have one/need one coz it's broke in it's current state.
    They have not programmed the proper transmission types to each car - just a one-type-fits-all approach which is both stupid and lazy for a game that's been 'out' for over a year.
  13. James Nance

    James Nance
    I like Race cars? Premium

    Sorry I didnt go to collage but did attend a racing school instead ;) Thanks
  14. Hehe no worries, it was more meant to help people reading it understand rather than trying to be a grammarpolice :)
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  15. That wouldn't really work out of the box because people have different setups. For example not everyone has a clutch pedal so half the cars wouldn't get off the start line :D
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  16. Hence why the need for Auto Clutch.
    Those of us with a clutch would probably prefer to use it as it is intended.
  17. Well, the problem is that it is actually the reverse now... It breaks when used as intended, and to make it not break, you have to use in a way that is not realistic as to how such a gearbox would be operated in a race.

    But to the remark that DTM cars don't have clutch pedals... Surely they must have? How do they get off the line otherwise? :)

    I have not found info yet regarding if the rules permit engine cut electronics, but i listened to some on board footage and it definitely makes a characteristic noise of a cutter in action when shifting takes place.

    I think the problem is that the game attributes damage to all cars when shifting without clutch depress, if auto clutch is not on. Clearly that is wrong...

    Also it is not based on revs, it is solely based on if the pedal was pressed or not, alas if you downshift like a maniac, overreving and putting massive stress on the driveline, gearbox and cluth plate are both ok in the game, as long as you depress the pedal.

    On the contrary, if you make a seamless downshift, exactly matching the revs, causing no strain at all (or minimal) but forget to depress the pedal, the gearbox is instantly broken. Just the gearbox.

    Now that is very unreal behaviour and obviously needs fixing.

    Even for the cars that would make sense to clutch shift (retros) the gear box is still made of glass and will break instantly if you mistime the pedal.

    Note that the sim measures the PEDAL not the actual FORCES, as it seems...
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  18. Resurrecting this thread and hoping we get some official response on it.
    First off, the game needs to let me use my h-shifter on cars like the Zakspeed Capri and sequential/paddles on others like the ADAC cars, without having to go into the options and change shift mode.
    Second, when running cars like the ADAC series we need to be able to use sequential and paddles without having to activate auto clutch, which btw you even have to leave the current race to do (unless there's a keybind for it, haven't checked).
    Is this something which is being looked upon or will we have to live with how it is now for the foreseeable future?
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  19. Andi Goodwin

    Andi Goodwin

    i believe autoclutch is f5 ; and i remember in old simbin games you had to tick a box for hshift , so nothings really changed , i would suggest just having a paddle/sequential and hshift profile it takes a few seconds to switch between the 2 in reality

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  20. Thanks, I'll test F5 (and check the options) later today, but while you are right in that it only takes seconds to swap a profile, it's completely unecessary to have to do so! Like yesterday, I hit the grid on a race in the ADAC cars, just to realize once the race started that my game was set up for H-shifting with no autoclutch. It makes for a very weird and not particularly competitive experience to have to drive a ADAC race with H-pattern, clutching and heel/toeing. Luckily this was a singleplayer race, but it could just as well have been a MP race and I'd either have to forfeit or complete the race at a disadvantage.
    I don't care much how older SimBin games worked, R3E is not competing with them, it's competing with current titles that does not have this issue.
    Don't want to come across as rude or that I'm demanding anything, I'm trying to point out something which I honestly feel should be a core feature and hoping to have some official feedback on whether or not to expect it to be fixed sometime soon. :)
    I have much love for R3E :)