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Gear ratios problem

Discussion in 'Racer' started by Splashonda, Dec 18, 2010.

  1. Hi! I'm converting a Diablo SV, which, according to Lamborghini's website should achieve 97km/h in 1st gear. But with the correct gear and diff ratios, I can do 170km/h in 1st gear in Racer. I'm tired of searching for the source of this problem, but unsucessfully. The 3d model (and therefore the wheel radius) is correctly scaled also! Does anyone know how to fix this? :frown:
  2. There's also the redline to take into account. If you had (eg. 8000 vs. 5000 rpm redline) that would drop 170km/h to 106km/h.
  3. Just to clear that up, the .dof file size is independent of the physical wheel radius, you have to enter that correctly under the wheel section yourself.

    Did you take into account the transfer ratio, on top of the differential ratio? Also, did you check qlog (with note_ini_fallback=1 in racer.ini) to see if Racer actually uses the settings you intended, or if it can't find them and takes default values (for example, if you're still using the old differential code syntax)?
  4. Cosmo, you're right! I haven't added the transfer ratio (I didn't even knew exactly what that was). It is correct now!

    Thanks for the reply Stereo and Cosmo ;)