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Released GB Sprint

Discussion in 'Bob's Track Builder Projects' started by martinez, Oct 17, 2010.

  1. I was just wondered, how original RBR textures would look in RX_plugin. I hope you will like them too.
    So, it started with just couple clicks, then I liked the whole thing and made this fantasy track. Let's say there is some private rally club, they have some garage and can manage to close 2,5 km road from traffic... The route has two directions then :)

    Track length: 5,5 km
    Surface: 99% dry gravel, 1% wet gravel

    I also have optimized Great Britain XPack (by Jay_p_666) by merging materials, optimizing textures, setting resonable LOD's etc. That improved it's performance and framerates in the track by c.a. 20% :)
    I anyone is interested with that XPack I can share it (maybe will ask Jay for permission?)
    I took the textures from the file track-27_E_textures.rbz

    Dowload the track here:


    I will do some more tweaks, check the LOD's again and put a sky soon. If you have any more advices, please let me know :)
    Have fun,
  2. Its awesome!! Super cool roadshape , very realistic and this reminds how good the original textures actually are. looks realistic and the colours works perfectly together! I really enjoy this stage.!
    can you change the texture tiling off the starting area? It looks weird now...do you now what I mean?Well anyway I really wait next versions off this stage. thank you once more!
  3. You did a great work with vegetation and textures. The look is the same of an original RBR track.
  4. Thank you gentlemen :)
    @zuikki1 - Yes, the place looks badly for me too... I just stretched the road texture like hell ;) I will probably make one bigger texture for that. It just needs some time.
    The textures are original - they are really great! I'm starting to study them slowly, maybe some day I will make some xpacks with textures of countries from RBR. There are many bunch of them! These in my track come just from one texture sheet (I guess from Shepperd's?) I just draw a gravel crossover and one junction (on the slippy dark gravel by the stone wall) aditionally.
    I don't know how they made these surface's crossovers in original tracks - there are no such textures... Also, they used some Specular (as they called that), but the texture seems not to work with any specific effects... Well, for sure they had completely different tools (and light effects) for their tracks :)
    I you test the track with bigger screen resolutions (more than 1440x900) - please tell me if the textures are sharp enough still in distance - I just used mipmaps -2 for roads and -1 for terrain/grass.
    And the xpack is 99% GB (+ just white tyres from Default) - I decided not to use everything and I guess it made a better balance for the track's overall look.
    Thanks for your comments - it encourages me to make some improvements there :)
  5. Great stage... it looks like an original one. Same feeling ! very very good job! :doublethumb:
  6. I think the stage could start with hairpin left around the circle... :D What do you think?
  7. I think your stage is great! I would like to convert to original format as a learning curve because mine is a much longer stage and it is not finished yet. I think it's better to start with small project for first conversion and yours is good quality stage and fun to drive.
  8. Very good job martinez! Dont stop :) And see you after one month ;)
  9. NEW VERSION 1.0!
    I think this is it :)

    Finally, I want to thank:
    - Brendon Pywell for BTB
    - SCI for my beloved game
    - Jay_p_666 for GB Xpack
    - Zaxxon for really saving the rest of my hair ;) You also saved many hours of my searching!
    - Karol Lak (Lakimakromedia) for his support and encouraging me to improve the eMeL method
    (I think it will be ready to publish soon about that)
    - Racedepartment and it's Forum and all the members who shared their knowledge :)
    Thank you very much! :)

    List of changes:
    - completely new start/finish area
    - specular textures (also from original, slightly increased effect due to diferrent lighting in RX)
    - more detailed roadsides
    - road overlays (original textures)
    - more obstacles - stones, also in ditches. It's not recommended to stay in ditches for too long now ;)
    - sky from Zaxxons "Cielos", slightly modified colors
    - some subtle changes in overall terrain
    - no more shortcuts, I guess :D

    Dowload here:

    (this is the same link as before, the files will be overwrited then in your RX_Plugin/Tracks. If you want to drive the previous version for some reason, make a backup of it!)

    I hope you enjoy the track :)

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  10. Gundars

    Pedal to the metal Premium

    Track looks very very good,great work martinez! [​IMG]

    I made a small onboard video from this track :)

  11. Really nice video... What car are you driving?... and the sound... must say I love that sound with some heavy bang, nice... where have you found that sound and the bang settings??...
  12. Gundars

    Pedal to the metal Premium

  13. :) Some new onboard from version 1.0 :)

    EDIT: I'm very sorry, I had wrong physics! They were original physics from Mitsubishi Lancer EVO VII 2003 - the original RBR's Mitsubishi! So, the car just looked like EVO VI MTE ;)
  14. I tried the track today! and i must say its great, i like the feel of it alot, looks just like an original stage and the layout is spectacular and has that nice rally school feel to it.

    I think it was a cool thing with the skybox too and the landscape textures on the horizon really made it look great :cool:

    Im looking forward to trying more of your work in the future!
  15. Looks awesome Martinez, great work. Realistic and believable.
  16. Wow, great track indeed, looks like real indeed, wich I could drive as fast as you 2;)
    He! there's still some room for some nice buildings ;)
  17. It was not faster than me [​IMG]
  18. Haha, i will set a new time soon