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General Gauging interest in a mod for the MIRA Test Facility.

Discussion in 'Assetto Corsa Modding Discussions' started by Darth mong, Aug 15, 2016.

  1. I've been looking at starting to make tracks for AC for a while, i've got next to no previous experience apart from watching a few YT videos on the Race Track Builder from Steam.

    However, with the release of the ever froth inducing XJ13 mod, i've been trying to fight off the urge to at least TRY and make the MIRA test facility in its entirety. Obviously this will take me a great amount of time to start and even complete but i'm fairly eager.

    If this is something you'd like to see, are interested in or can help with making, please let me know. :)

    Chars! :D
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  2. aphidgod

    Premium Member

    I think it would be cool, but I bet that doesn't surprise you much. :D
  3. But of course!

    If only there was more information on RAF Perton, i wouldn't mind having a go at that too. Jag used it to test the 120 and C-Type with disc brakes etc. Was just a few hay bales to mark out the corners at the time!
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  4. A test track like that would be very intersting, not only for modders to evaluate car behaviour, but also for nicely testing out cars handling properties and things like that for the "normal" user. I have been at Fords european proving grounds at Lommel with the university, really intersting stuff (That track 7 ride in a Focus ST wasn´t shabby either ;) ).

    If you´d do such a project and would have questions about the different layouts, what is done where, which surfaces to expect, I could give you some answers I guess.
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  5. Ummmmm..... That would be a big, unequivocal, YES!
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  6. I have a basic idea of what layout is for what test, but surfaces i could probably do with advice on. Will contact you nearer the start of the project :)
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  7. mantasisg

    Premium Member

    UUU track for XJ13, that would be fantastic ! MIRA + SIlverstone 67 and here we go, full collection :D

    I could help you on a very basic level. I have started one track from scratch and it is now in game, working, but rather poor at the moment of course :D Worth to mention that I'm working with blender.

    One more important thing to mention is that I know nothing about how to collect elevations. For elevations reference I used other model. For a topographic view Google earth worked well :D Now you can install GooGle Earth Pro version, which can do high res map screenshot, which is very helpful. :)

    Ok here it is, the map, I wonder if it is possble to get better res. But this is maximum from google earth pro.

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  8. I've been reading up on RaceTrackBuilder and you can just import the land contours from Google Earth. Obviously this won't help me with the inclines of the track itself but the overall look and feel should be there. :)
  9. Millbrook Proving Ground would be even better (IMO) and is often the one people think of when mentioning MIRA. In addition it hosts the alpine handling circuit and obviously the bowl


    MK45 2JQ in google earth
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  10. hell yeah!!
  11. Financial difficulties and my work not paying me my overtime this month has lead to me buying the RTB off Steam being delayed by a month.

    It WILL get done, just call this more research time :cool:
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