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Garmin data (gdb) to csv

Discussion in 'Bob's Track Builder' started by toergisch, Nov 14, 2009.

  1. Hi there,

    I just recorded the track I want to create with a garmin gps tracker, now I own a gdb file with 2 tracks in.
    how can I convert it to the csv file to import it to BTB?

    found this link, but don't understand anything,yet! :D
    I have map source from garmin installed on my PC. But don't know how to use it...:monkey:
    I think it can't be too difficult.
  2. I've done this with traqmate data, but it has a friendly export. You just have to reformat and eliminate unnecessary columns. I'll look at the raw garmin gdb file if you'd like and tell if there's anything I can do with it
  3. I am just rying to find out, what traqmate is..

    EDIT: Ok I 've seen what it is :D
    But which format does it save the recorded tracks?

    EDIT2: i do not knwo how to send private messages in this forum.. lol

    EDIT3: the pm question is answered :D

    EDIT4: I do not have excel on my computer
  4. If you need to use a spreadsheet (e.g. for its calculating abilities) you could use the one which comes with OpenOffice, or you could search Google for something like Excel Alternative and see what looks suitable.
  5. I use GPS TrackMaker http://www.gpstm.com/ , will import your path directly from your garmin , then save as xxxxxx.kml run BTB then import xxxxxx.kml
  6. Thanks ogre, I'll give this a try!
  7. Ok, I managed to convert to kml with trackmaker, but...

    ...the in btb imported kml track, makes me wonder, if the gps tracker I used, does record altitude correct, better said exact.
    See on picture what I mean, it's easier to explain!

    The gpstracker I used: Garmin GPS MAP 60CSX

    I just thougt, that these machines record altitude more precisely..:question:
  8. Erwin Greven

    Erwin Greven

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  9. Hi toergisch, I use a Garmin etrex legend HCx with no barometric altimeter and find that the height data although not very acurate is a fair starting point. Like you I would have expected the 60csx to do a much better job. Sorry not to be more help.
  10. I read in other forums, that other users of this machine had similar problems, maybe it was our own fault, because of wrong usage..:confused2: Sad!
  11. Try this site & see if it will convert your file.
    I usually convert to .TXT & then edit in Gnumeric (excel clone) to match the .CSV in the BTB support folder.
    Then save out of Gnumeric as a .CSV.