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Gap on track

Discussion in 'Bob's Track Builder' started by jempi, May 28, 2011.

  1. Hi,
    I'm working on my first track and everything went fine. Always found a solution here in the forum or in the BTB website. But now I found a gap on the track, I have no idea when this gap appeared, went several steps back, did'nt change anything. I removed the surface point, but didn't change anything. So I don't really know how to solve this.

    Here the screenshots how it looks like


    I'm using BTB Evo, newest version.
  2. Try to move the shape/material crossection a little (hold M and drag in 3D View). I believe it's one track, not two merged?
    If this does not help, remove the crossection where the gap is and add new. Also, I would try to change panel length on this one and maybe on neighbours crossections.
  3. Thanks martinez
    I did everything you told me to, but nothing worked. I can't move neither delete the crosssection. I removed every crossection, but still the same. When not selected, the crossection is yellow, the first of the track? (yes one track)

    I removed everything but the track, modified the track, so basically everything that is possible, but it seams that I'm missing something or it can't be changed...
  4. hmm, that "-" (minus) button does not work? Is this the first crossection of closed circuit track?
  5. I click on the crossection and then on the minus button and another crossection is deleted. When none but this crossection is left, I no longer can delete anything.

    When I saw it was yellow, I didn't recognize that there are others who are yellow, and I think I started the track on another position, so forget my comment about the first crossection ;)

    If I "turn" the node, the gab changes, but doesn't go away
  6. Did you ever solve this? I am having the exact same problem now with a track I am making.
  7. It looks like it might be a node reversed. I would need to see it better.
    is the track without objects. if it is I can look at it for you. I say without
    objects because I may not have an xPack you might be using.
    But I am willing to check it for you.
  8. Quess I should have checked
    Just noticed your using BTB Evo.
    I have Pro, Not sure if Pro will open it if it was done in Evo.
  9. Hi Ken, yes I am also using BTB Evo and my track is full of objects and materials from various xpacks.
    I tried turning some nodes around but that just creates twists in the track. I would post some screenshots but it's the same problem the OP had so you can see those pictures to see the problem.

    I imported a path from google earth for this track and I got an error, "not enough information to create track' but it created it anyway so I went ahead and finished it, only to discover this issue right at the end of the project :(
  10. Bummer I wish BTB Pro would open it. It is probably somthing simple
    but not obvious. where is the location of the gap. if your looking at
    node and control points there will be a black node is it there or elsewhere.
    If your using xPacks from here I probably have them all.
  11. I have been trying to recreate what you have and have not been able to.
    I have an idea to match it out. two things you can do.
    you can bring it into 3DSimEd and then connect the track nodes, or
    Draw a new track on top of the one you have , line up all nodes til the track matches then delete the old one and merge in the landscape. either way a pain in the ***
  12. gaps_in_track.jpg
    Here is a screen shot from my track, when I resized the track it reversed the problem. It's a bit better now because you cant see the gaps when driving since they are now sloping away from the driving direction but the gaps on the sides are now worse. Sigh...
  13. Quite strange, The gap in the track makes no sence but the other....
    If you open Terrain in Top View and go to Shape and select Move Anchors
    Can you not bring those Anchors together and Merge them ??
  14. No I can't, they are part of the track so I have no control over them. The sad thing is I can fix this in a few minutes in 3dsmax or Maya (I use both for work everyday) but my trial for simEd expired so now I cant export the mesh anymore.
    Maybe (if I ever upload the track) I will ask someone to help fix it, then I will credit them for their work. The track is Killarney, South Africa.
  15. Pro can open Evo projects and vice versa. You need to check material names to make a driveable export, that's all needed. Pro is exactly the same as Evo, apart from export window. One of the toughest obstacle for Evo users are the unbelievable amount of stuff from Pro that is visible, clickable and adjustable that won't work in Evo, luckily export process knows what to apply. Stuff like all lights, object visible only in some sessions and also ALL the material names in Evo are actually not from SimBin titles but from rFactor so most Evo users know only four materials, that's the four that work in both titles (roada, grass, grvl rmbl..). There are also drain, b1road, marbles etc but they are missing from BTB Evo materials (you can still define "new" materials by typing the material name instead of selecting it from the drop-down menu). Check General Discussion thread, post #1 for material names for Evo.. ;).

    Also some transparency issues with some XPacks AFAIK. All projects so far have worked on both versions.
  16. I have the same with first node, sometimes there is a gap that can not be removed. So far it has appeared and disappeared on its own. Never have i seen so big gap, mine is only a unwelded seam..
  17. Well now , what to do. are all xpack stuff from here?
    if they are I am sure one of us could look at it and see what we can find.
    or you can zip it all including all xpacks. I can create a temporary folder on one of my servers so Kennett or I can get it and look at it.
    you will need ftp client to upload it though.
  18. Thanks Ken, may just take you up on the generous offer.
    I got all my Xpacks from this link, http://cream.galleria.fi/BTB/XPacks/

    I have managed to hide all the gaps for now by creating a simplified and slightly wider copy of the track placed just below the original track. Not an ideal fix but it works well cause I can't see the gaps at all anymore.
  19. Is your first Node on/or part of a curve?
    If so the gap will be exaggerated but it'd always be there even if it's a strait section and made of an 'endless' loop (either GE data or hand made)...
    If you can't disguise it in-game then my only suggestion would be to duplicate the track if possible but with the 1st node in a more suitable location, such as a strait...
    If it's already a strait just doing it over again may lay it differently enough....
    The pic's look good,it'd be a shame to loose all this work so far!

    (EDIT) OR, possibly use a short wall or point-to-point road instead of full circuit to provide the 'camouflage' ;-)
  20. Hi Lee, yes that's exactly what I did and it works. I can optimize the camouflage track so it shouldn't have much of an impact on performance.
    The gaps are appearing wherever I create a new section so I have at least 25 or more, if it was just one that would be easier to fix. Seems like the points are not welding, and offsetting the track height seems to also affect the size (height) of the gaps.
    I did use Google Earth for the path, I think that has something to do with it. I am new to this so it's very possible I did something wrong.
    Anyway here's a pic of the results of hiding the gaps using another track.