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Gametrix KW-908 Jetseat

Discussion in 'Sim Racing Hardware' started by Robin, Jun 25, 2016.

  1. Robin


    This is a slightly odd piece of hardware, but nonetheless a very cool one!

    The Jetseat is a cushion for your (office) chair inspired by massage seats.
    It features 8 motors that are connected via a single USB plug to your PC and will provide force feedback from the game to the 'massage' motors.

    It really increases the immersion and feedback from the game. You can feel wheels fighting for grip, bumping into eachother or hugging the curbs.
    You can also enable feedback from the drivetrain (gear kicks) and all settings are seperately controlled with gain sliders. Its awesome!!
    The cushion is Russian made and perhaps the reason why its not well known here in Europe, but I highly recommend it.

    I found out about it via virtual wing members of a combat flight simulator I regularly play.

    Its not even expensive. Gametrix.ru sells it for 85 dollars (as of now) exclusing shipping and handling.
    People report different things about this route; some claim to have never received their unit, others had to play excessive amounts of shipping and handling costs, while yet others got it to their homes in the EU for about 100 dollars.
    Support from Gametrix.ru is universally regarded as poor though.

    The guy writing the support software for various games (currently AC and iRacing, while RRRE is under development) offers the seat for 165 dollars (ex S&H). More expensive but support is guaranteed and he has been VERY prompt with his communication with me.
    So you have a choice here.

    As mentioned direct support is available for Assetto and iRacing,
    With R3E coming this Summer, but I have contacted the dev and he is certainly not opposed to bringing in AMS, rFactor 2 , etc support. So if you are interested shoot him a message.
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  2. Ok , that solves a lot of my questions here. I've discovered the Gametrix KW-908 Jetseat recently and was trying to understand the differences between the two prices in the sites. In the beginning I though the gametrix eshop was outdated , but now it makes sense. I have also read great feedback from people that were serviced by Andrey.

    I follow his FB groups and he is now trying to support in steps more and more racing titles.
    It would be a very good and cheap alternative to a simvibe support for sure. And it does support Flying Sims as well.

    Nice that you brought that up here. Thanks
  3. Robin


    Yes, its a rather cheap solution to add more immersion, especially for those without the ambition to build a complete Racing rig.

    The supported game titles are growing and Andrey seems to be very active and friendly, so I have high hopes.
    Personally I would love to see rF2 and Reiza support added.
    Perhaps after R3E that will be easy. We'll have to see what Andrey comes up with.
    For now AC and iRacing support is already very nicely implemented.
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  4. =Andre=

    Andre Premium

    Hi guys,
    I'm Andrey.
    I develop SimShaker software as addons for popular sim titles, providing immersive vibration effects via JetSeat and/or Buttkickers. I provide JetSeats at my e-shop as well.

    I'm working on SimShaker-Wheels project. Currently available WIP (beta) version supports JetSeat integration with R3E, Project CARS, ETS2/ATS. We have a beta testing group at FB, you are welcome to joing the group, but we can also disscuss SimShaker-Wheels stuff here. SimShaker-Wheels WIP version GUI.png
    Last edited: Dec 19, 2016
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  5. Robin


    Thanks for chiming in here, @=Andre= !
    I have been getting the following error when running AC (see attachment).

    It returns a popup window every now and then. Could you take a look please?

    Attached Files:

  6. =Andre=

    Andre Premium

    OK, I will test it at my end.
  7. very interesting, is it comfortable?
  8. Robin


    @Zboubi it's padded, so you don't really feel the motors poking in your body. I'd say it will become a bit sweaty in hot environments, but that's the case for just about any chair with a cushion.
    I find it quite comfortable.
  9. @rouge-gorge
    i need it, Is it compatible simvibe , and works for any games and music?
  10. =Andre=

    Andre Premium

    In its sound mode JetSeat can be used for any games and music and, I suppose, should be SimVibe compatible, in sence, that JetSeat will react on low frequency sounds.
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  11. =Andre=

    Andre Premium

    Thank for your order,
    will be shipped soon.
  12. =Andre=

    Andre Premium

    Hhmm, judging by timestamp the order I see can't be yours.
    Could you please tell me your order reference code to clarify things?
  13. Hi Andre

    Order: ELQXBLOTN
  14. =Andre=

    Andre Premium

    aahh... that was yesterday :)

    Hi Gilles,
    your JetSeat is shipped, express delivery to your location takes 3-4 business days.
    Did you received my e-mail today about that?
  15. @= Andre =
    thank you, i receveid your email. Good luck for SimShaker-Wheels project, :thumbsup:
  16. Robin


    @=Andre= if I connect the Jetseat to my soundcard AND have the USB connected, can I run the Jetseat in a combined mode sound / USB?
    Will this result in even more detailed force feedback?
  17. =Andre=

    Andre Premium

    No, you can't Robin.
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  18. Robin


    @=Andre= did you have a chance to look at my error report perhaps?
    It keeps doing it (value should be greater than 0 error) randomly, but often in short succession.

    It pops up in mid screen over the game window, so its quite annoying and unplayable.
    (Talking about Assetto Corsa)
  19. =Andre=

    Andre Premium

    Not yet, Robin. Busy day. I'm going to get down to it tonight.
    At wich car you encounter that?