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Games for Windows Live Update Problem (Need Help)

Discussion in 'F1 2011 - The Game' started by David Palavandishvili, Nov 5, 2011.

  1. I have problem on Games for Windows Live, it starts updating, but after restarting game, it's updating again, I don't understand what is it. I downloaded newer version of GFWL 3.5, installed it, but same problem. I Can not play F1 2011, but in F1 2010 everything is well.

    If anyone had a problem, like that, please help me.


  2. Try downloading update manually from web.
  3. I tried, downloaded 70MB version and installed it, but same problem


  4. Peter

    who cares Premium Member

    Welcome to the club, many people have this update problem.
  5. Steps:

    1) starting F1 2010 - everithing is fine,

    2) starting F1 2011 - GFWL starts updating,

    3) After exiting from game, windows installer starts installing update,


    4) but, not finishing process,

    5) again Starting F1 2011, again same problem. I can not play :(
  6. I just checked this out.
    I have this update successful installed 4 times already at different hours in Windows updates section.
    Each time when i restart my system i have it still as available update installation. Ha ha kinda weird :rolleyes:.Microsoft rules!

    P.S I can still play the game but surely just a matter of time to join the club:wink:
  7. Hehe :) I'm not alone...

    thx MicrosofT_T
  8. have you guys tried to update using the admin account of your pc? I had a similar "problem". It would update, but not really finish the update due to limited administrative rights on my account. In the end it worked fine with me.

    good luck
  9. OK Guys, I solved this Fu kin' problem!

    I bought Serial number and activated it, but my game started updating. I could not play, every time, when I started game, GFWL started updating (I had 3GB repack version). I started searching at forums, and someone said me, that it was Versions problem. Then I started download several different versions, and I found original version (7.44GB). I uninstalled old version and started installing new version. At installation process, setup asked me to enter product key (When I bought Serial Key, it followed Product Key, too). I entered product key and installed game with succesfull. Game did not started, asked Original disc. I had a mini Disc and mounted it in Daemon Tools Pro. After them, game started and GFWL asked me about update, again. I made update and exited from game. Windows installer continued installing patch, and finished it succesfull, too.
    After this steps game started and I can play at Online without any problem. I solved this fu ckin problem :)

    Now I Can say you how to solve F1 2011 GFWL updating problem step-by-step:

    1) Uninstall all other F1 2011 versions.
    2) Download F1 2011 (7.44GB) Original Version http://www.mediafire.com/?d5a12urklc70rzc
    3) Download Mini Disc F1 2011 http://www.mediafire.com/?ctu8abmabb6vlpv
    4) Download Daemon Tools Pro Advanced (Activated) http://www.mediafire.com/?jbbc7ttpd9oqbd4
    5) Install F1 2011 Original and enter Product Key
    6) Install Daemon Tools Pro and Mount Mini Disc (Important: DVD Region - Not Set)



    7) Start Game and Update GFWL
    6) Exit Game, Install Patch (which will download GFWL automaticly)
    7) Start Game, Have Fun ;)