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GamePad+Traction Control Off....

Discussion in 'F1 2011 - The Game' started by hell_storm2004, Sep 28, 2011.

  1. Hi Everyone,

    I was playing F1 2010 all along with TC ON. So i thought this time i would give TC OFF a try. Could you tell me any secrets of how to master this thing? I am trying on my 2010 game, and most of the time i swerve off to the grass on corners! I have practiced a little and i am able to post some faster times. But somehow i am not able to take the curves aggressively enough. I just get scared of losing control and take it too slow.
  2. Rear downforce may help. I usually run 10/9 (F/R) but you may wanna try 10/10 or maybe even 10/11. You've just gotta get used to not slamming on the throttle on turn exit. You've gotta be gentle with it. Running a gear high may also help on the slower corners. Of course that only applies if you're running a manual transmission. Lastly, set your front and rear springs to 8/8. Anything higher than that is pretty much considered cheating incase you haven't heard about the springs exploit. With some practice you should be able to handle the car with the above advice.
  3. You have to be smooth with the power. Don't just slam it on 100%, build it up steadily.
  4. Is hard to me not to press the throttle button on the pad at 100%, I just donĀ“t know when im pushing at 40% or 75%.... just practice i think...
  5. I'm using the 360 controller and it was bit tricky to figure out first. I kind of curve my index finger a bit and place the tip on the controller body itself. Then place the first knuckle joint on the corner of the trigger and to apply throttle slowly straighten my finger out and kind of roll the tip on to the pad so it's steady. Same with the brake.
  6. The main question here now is... which button on the game pad is your accelerate button?

    I have mine as the right analog stick and in the heat of the moment of a race or qualifying, its very hard to control the thrust with my thumb. I am doing TC off practice on TT, and i either let go of the acceleration or push it 100%! :tongue:
  7. hell_storm2004,

    I use the default Xbox 360 layout, I couldn't imagine using anything other than the triggers as analogs for pedals in real life. I haven't suffered with the controls at all, I can fly between pad and wheel easily.