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Gamepad recommendation

Discussion in 'F1 2010 - The Game' started by samjealsha, Oct 16, 2010.

  1. About how much difference in laptimes when using a gamepad compared with keyboard?

    I'm planning of getting a gamepad for for my pc. What gamepad you guys would recommend that does not cost much?
  2. Any game that has the 'Games for Windows' logo has to support the XBox 360 pad, so if you want a pad for other PC games it's the obvious choice. They're about £25 I think (wired) or get an XBox wireless pad and a USB wireless adapter for around £40.
  3. I got one for £17 from play.com wired one but that was to the UK.
  4. I'm think the Belkin n52te is a great gamepad at £37. Hope this helps :)

  5. The n52te is not even a gamepad. It also does not have the trigger buttons (like the 360 pad) to adjust brake and throttle. This is a must imo.
  6. It wouldn't matter if it had the triggers anyway lol, as you say it's not a gamepad and it's best use is for fps. I'll have what Matthew is smoking though lmao :)
  7. Is it really worth buying the XBox 360 controller over any other gamepad? I'm thinking of buying another gamepad. I'm currently using an old Logitech Precision and it REAAAALLLY sucks! I want to replace it but I need to be sure that I'm gonna get my money's worth on my new purchase. I know the best thing to use is a wheel but I'm broke. Any recommendations or should I go for the XBox 360 controller all the way? Also, wouldI be encountering any issues with it?