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Game wont start with RSRBR2011

Discussion in 'Richard Burns Rally' started by Ondrej Kapal, Dec 26, 2010.

  1. I just installed... and cant start the game anymore, when i try to do so trough RSCenter, the loading stuck in 1/2 and if I try to do it trough the game itself, everything I get is white screen, then shut down with DMP error..
    any ideas?
  2. I had this problem when going to Play Alone, then I registered for RSRBR 2011 and all was good. Dunno whether it was related.
  3. I registered and still not able to race...
  4. Haha I found the problem, I was using plugin for H-shifting, which works with default game and worked with RSRBR2010... but for some reason 2011 doesnt like it, is there any other way how to you H-shifter in this game?

  5. I had a issue with not being able to log-on server, got in contact with PHIL63 and BlueSky74 @RallySim, i sent the following:


    EddieX wrote:

    I'm having problems getting on the server, i get a "Run time Error, Automation error msg" when i try to login.
    I have registered on 'LIVE', but i registered using different details from 2010 RSRBR.....

    The problem is known.
    Download the file attached at this PM and replace the one you find at the root of the game with it.


    Problem Solved!

    If you want i can e-mail the "RSCenter.exe" replacement PHIIL63 sent me? it may help your situation?? i assume 'update1' will fix most bugs?
  6. Have you tried re-installing the H-Shifter plug in again after RSRBR2011 installation?
  7. Eddie, Yes please. I'm having the same issue. Can't get onto the public sessions (I guess this is what your talking about as i get a runtime error there as well)

    LOL, This is the reason I didn't want to use RSRBR2011 for the last round of the championship. Can you imagine trying to do this as the clock counts down for the first stage?

    Also, I use the H-shifter plugin (version 1) and had some issues at first. Have you uploaded the 2 patches for the game? (the ones from the makers of RBR). That seamed to fix it for me. There is no mention of having to use these this time so I got caught.
  8. all patches installed without any success
  9. Which version of the H-shifter are you using? 1 or 2?
  10. 2.0

    and if somebody still doesnt know, peklo means in english hell :p
  11. Ondrej, I just installed the H-Shifter plug in, set it up in RBR, then ran from RSCenter 2011. It all worked ok for me.

    This is the ver of H-Shifter I used.

    Attached Files:

  12. well thats amazing, it seems like my (dunno how or why?) one (the same zip file with the same file inside with the same large) is somehow broken... I tried it again without success but the one you provide works perfectly!!!! Thanks Warren :)
  13. I haven't tried it on-line yet, only off-line which worked perfectly 1st time out. This post really got me worried, we should make a test rally asap guys. Also would be good to upload this fix somewhere and post the link for everyone, just in case.
  14. BTW, when i hit 'Public Sessions' button, RSCenter comes up but with no online data.. blank everything, no sessions showing etc, and the 'circle timer graphic thing' just kept spinning for ages, just hanging.
    Eventually closed RSCenter, and tried 'public sessions' again but this time i set my pc clock to RS server "BEFORE" clicking 'public session's', no issues since, might help someone else?

    Normally i could select my time zone after RSCenter had loaded with all session data showing, Could just be my install?
  15. It all seems to be working for me.

    I can setup a test Rally with SOME default stages for people to test out if you like.
    Any preferences for Start time, stages (country), surface, or cars?
  16. Something simple will do, gravel/snow maybe? Japan/Australia/USA? WRC or N/S2000? Tomorrow between 20:00-00:00GMT?

    BTW: have been testing cars for S.2 on Noiker only, got my time down from 08:01... to 07:23... :), so much more pleasurable when one knows what is coming up round a corner...:)
  17. OK, I'll post up a test Rally starting at 20.00GMT Tuesday. Details will be posted in the Rally Club Forum, but probably using N4_S2000 cars at Australia and Finland.
  18. Eddie, it may just have been that you got a bad connection at that moment. I get that ( or something ) similar occasionally, and I just retry a few minutes later and it works. :confused: