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Game Stock Car Racing Club 2.0 (Must Read!)

Discussion in 'Automobilista Racing Clubs & Leagues' started by Bram, Jul 28, 2013.

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  1. Bram

    Ezekiel 25:17 Staff Premium

    Welcome to a whole new chapter of club racing 2.0 at RaceDepartment.

    The Formula 3 Series (announced later today) will be the first test of our new horizontal structure of RaceLog Enabled events with Game Stock Car.

    What is RaceLog?
    As you might have seen the navigation bar of the website and forums recently saw the addition of two new tabs: Rankings and Results. These two tabs are the first phase of RaceLog, a beta software we have developed in house and which enables us to bring multiplayer racing to a whole new level.

    Before you read this document further please take a minute of your time to get familiar with the basics of RaceLog and read this frontpage article announcement we posted last week.

    What will change to the GSC Racing Club?
    In short: not much, and yet a lot :) We still strife to let you race seven days a week. But instead of posting a bunch of randomly picked cars and tracks we are going to try out a new format with your help!

    Let me try to give you an overview of our idea(s) and how we are going to try to make racing in Game Stock Car a lot more attractive for everyone. No more empty events, no more random races, no more complicated ways to join online racing.
    1. Horizontal scheduled races. You will be able to race the Formula 3 car on the same track seven days a week starting from tomorrow. Every day at 19:00 GMT (21:00 CET) the official qualification starts followed by a 30 minute race. Before that you can practice all day online to improve your skills with other drivers of this community.
    2. Practice makes perfect. I think I can speak for many sim racers when I say that the more you practice online the better your results will get. Skills come with practicing in a safe environment without having to worry about online wreckers. From now on you can practice the same car on the same track for a full week only interrupted by an official race session once a day (see 1) and all your best laps will be stored in the Results database so you can keep track of your performance and progress and, which is something we all do: compare yourself to other GSC drivers.
    3. Moving up the ranks. Our RaceLog software keeps track of all official qualification and race results. With an algorithm a calculation is made after each race session translating the results into ranking scores. The more you win against high ranked drivers the more ranking points you will win and of course this will also work the other way around when you lose points. Besides winning or losing there is a third aspect which is very important, mainly to us as staff: commitment.
    4. DNF'ing ain't cool. Since 2006 when we first started to organize daily online racing we always hear people complaining about racers quitting events after a lap, a turn, or a tiny incident or don't show up at events they signed up for. We share this complaint very much as a lack of commitment is our #1 frustration as well. With RaceLog drivers that DNF (do not finish) will automatically lose rank because they finish last in their race plus on top of that we reward them with a firm bonus of minus points on top of that. Eventually drivers that DNF a lot will have their DNF column in the Ranking overview filled up in no time and this will have consequences for example league participation. From now on we will always check league entrants on DNF rate. When this is becoming too high we will not allow such drivers in our leagues anymore.
    5. Event scheduling. We will set up ranked series scheduled a month in advance which you can find in our event calender. When you participate in lets say 60% of the weekly events you can be awarded bragging rights as the weekly winner and get an honorable mention.
    6. Live server overview. This is a feature we will soon add to the site. You will be able to see from the site who is racing online in the servers so you can join instantly. (see 7)
    7. Sim-Sheep-Syndrome. The success of RaceLog is determined whether or not we will be able to kill the Sim-Sheep! You never heard of it before? Yes you did. The S.S.S. is the law that decides a server stays empty or fills up. Go into the lobby and look at the amount of (open or closed) servers with zero people in it. Some can stay empty for ever until the moment comes that 1 person joins. He will race alone for at least 10 minutes (or leaves early again) before another driver joins. After 5 minutes driver 3 and 4 enter and the room slowly fills up. The moment 5 or more people join a server it can literally fill up within 30 seconds completely. (Mééééééééééééh, follow the leader). Bottom-line: nobody wants to the be the first driver for some reason and we need to break with this habit to make point 6 a success. You are the key factor here!
    8. No more signups? We will let go of the classic "sign-me up" posts and create a week thread where you can encourage each other to participate (tag a friend by adding a @ in front of his name when you mention him and they will receive a notification, e.x. Scott Webber, join me for a race?). This week thread can quickly become a valuable source for other drivers as this is the place where you can give each other tips about the car, the track or a combination of both. Key factor: its not forbidden to help other drivers, just like its not forbidden to share a setup with the community once in a while and not always leave it to somebody else. People will thank you for it. Helping is King!
    9. "OMG So Bored. I MUST race on Spááááááááááhááá". Well too bad, we will not change our policy towards illegal content converted to other games without permission. Not now, not never. Some people confuse this with modding, which it isn't. Its thievery and eventually it will slowly lead to the death of simracing completely. If you don't want the simracing community to go belly up, you support this and buy other games if you want to race these tracks. Other good argument: see 10.
    10. Practice makes perfect (part two). The more you race the same tracks, the more skills you and everybody else will gain. Eventually this leads to something we all want: higher quality racing. Drivers that have been with us from the early days remember the first version of SimBin's RACE The WTCC Game. With only two car classes and 10 different tracks it had very limited content. Yet the quality of the races in that popular era of almost a year and a half were unmatched. Personally I have never seen that kind of quality again. Repeat, Repeat, Repeat and you'll see an increase in quality as the week with horizontal events progresses.
    11. RaceLog Full Version. We are planning to support RaceLog for a long time and really embed it into the club racing adding more and more features over time. Stay tuned.
    12. "This all sucks as I am not living in Europe and can't participate in those stupid Euro timezone events". Stay tuned, if this beta stage is success we will add more timezone events for EU, USA, and Australian based folks on times that will suit you. Of course its not forbidden to help out yourself in making things a success (ahum, clicky).
    13. We need your feedback. As we are slowly adding more series for GSC and other supported games we would love to hear your feedback on the track and car selection. We will add polls to decide what tracks to race the next week for example.
    14. What about the Mini's, V8's, Classics's etc. They will come to you in the same form shortly :)
    Stay tuned for the posted events and make those weekly threads a success. Got any questions about our new format please, please, please (did I say please?) post them below and we'll do our best to help you out to make things more clear.
    Enough talking: time to race!
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  2. Von Butters

    Von Butters

    Looking forward to this new commitment from RD in trying to get more racing happening in our department, and I for one, health permitting, will commit to giving my time and skills in getting things back the way they used to be, but in a whole new light!

    Plus, the F3 races had a habit of falling on a day when I wasnt free. Now, I can get somma de action again!
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  3. Calum McLure

    Calum McLure
    Did ye, aye?

    Just had my first shot in the F3 after reading this and now I'm wondering why the hell I've never raced them before :confused:
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  4. Dave Begley

    Dave Begley

    Im going to try to get back into racing again. Had a few weeks of crippling pain but need to get back into club events and leagues.

    Besides F3's are one of my favorite cars to drive.
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  5. Justin Swan

    Justin Swan

    Hopefully these changes will prompt me to get involved with GSC some more :)
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  6. Great work guys! Lets all get behind this and get some really good racing going on this ridiculously underrated game. :)

    I think the key to making this work is just getting on the server. As Bram says, if people see someone on the server, they are more likely to join and it just snowballs into a really fun event with hopefully 10+ people. Even if you get onto the server and go do something else for 20 minutes or something before qualifying is scheduled to start, it will absolutely be worth it because people will follow you.
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  7. Andrew Ford

    Andrew Ford

    bram, I think I missed the boat with GSA. I tried demo and loved feel but
    The clubs were down on numbers and I sensed it was a stop gap until rfactor 2 or ac progressed more. I hope the clubs get going again! On another note...could we have a post like that in the rfactor 2 section? The clubs are growing but it might encourage even more.i.m guessing the success model is iracing?

    edited due to annoying ipad predictive text. should make sense now lol
  8. Bram

    Ezekiel 25:17 Staff Premium

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  9. I was in the same shoes, only gave a little time previously for the F3, and didn t like. And then i drove it tonight, and i don t understand why. It s great. :)
    Maybe Lars Brugman s setup made the difference. Cheers! ;)

    The new format of racing club is a good idea, i always loved when F1 2010-11 racing clubs had 2-3 or even 4 races on the same track in a week, following the F1 calendar or a league.. or both.
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  10. Bram

    Ezekiel 25:17 Staff Premium

    Ill unstick this intro thread and revamp it with better info soon.
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