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Game stock car - F1SR 1994(installation help needed)

Discussion in 'Stock Car Extreme' started by Charl Haas, Jul 24, 2014.

  1. I've copied the gamedata,but mod is not showing,everything is in the right place ..
  2. Lazarou

    Premium Member

    I would suggest everything is not in the right place.

    You need to give us more to go on than that, can you list your .veh file(s) so I can take a look and also your rfm file.
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  3. Hi don't look at the folder title on top as this only where my files are stored,but this is how the files look like when I open vehicles,amd when I open all teams..all the teams show..and when I open a team this is what shows

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  4. Lazarou

    Premium Member

    Hi Charl, you need to open one of the drivers folders and in it is a .veh folder, if you open it with notepad then just paste the contents here. Specifically the entry

  5. /
    // The first section defines what maps to load for the new vehicle skinning
    // technology. The first line defines a "prefix" to be used for all generic maps.
    // Currently, generic maps are used for the livery, wing, driver, driver arms,
    // driver helmet, and pit crew. The second line will replace the default livery
    // with the new specified, for the track specified. The format is as follows:
    // DefaultLivery="PREFIX" // PREFIX is the base texture map name, assumed to be BMP unless specified
    // PitCrewLivery="PREFIX" // This is only needed if it differs from the default livery PREFIX
    // TrackLivery="TRACK, PREFIX" // TRACK is the track name as defined in the event GDB
    // TrackLivery="TRACK, PREFIX" // For example, "2004_Toban"
    // TrackLivery="TRACK, PREFIX" // You can have an infinite # of these lines
    DefaultLivery="skins\misc\JHerbert_06_B194Suzuka.dds" //default livery used when track not listed.
    TrackLivery="Round 15 - 1994 Japanese GP, skins\misc\JHerbert_06_B194Suzuka.dds"
    TrackLivery="Round 16 - 1994 Australian GP, skins\misc\JHerbert_06_B194Suzuka.dds"
    GenString= // Used to generate GMT names in *.gen file
    Cameras=B194_cams.cam // Defaults to cams.cfg in UserData directory
    HeadPhysics=1994headphysics.ini // Affects driver eyepoint only
    //////////////////////////TEAM HISTORY AND INFORMATION///////////////////////////////////////////

    Team="Benetton-Ford F1_1994_F1SR"
    Driver="Johnny Herbert"
    Description="#06 Johnny Herbert"
    Engine="Ford ECA Zetec-R 3.5 V8"
    FullTeamName="Mild Seven Benetton Ford"
    TeamHeadquarters="Enstone, United Kingdom "

    Category="F1 - 1994, 1994F1"
  6. Lazarou

    Premium Member

    It should show up in the mini section. I would delete the red entries from all Classes entries as well.

    So it just looks like this


    As long as all .veh Classes entries are they same it should show up.
  7. Did you use the auto converter? If so, and you selected a class that is valid, it will show under that class.

    It won't just have its own main menu item.
  8. No didn't use the auto converter can u send me a link?

    Busy editing the classes will see if it works ..

    can u send me a link to a tutorial on gsc on how to copy gamedata if there is one

  9. If it didn't come with an rFM folder, then just choose "all tracks and all cars" and you will see it. BUT, if you want to raceit with other cars of the same mod\ then you will need to create your own rFM.
  10. Where are you getting this for Game Stock car, are you converting it??
  11. Thanks for all the input,i reinstalled everything and put the mod in,and it worked fine..
    Regards to to this "Classes="reiza5,1994F1B,ROUND15,ROUND16"

    I found it is not necesery to remove the "rounds" so that all .veh shows the same
    Simply copy the gamedata and it will show under all cars/all tracks,scroll down on the left and ull see ur mod

    Colin are u talking about the 1994 mod?
  12. Problem is, while it DOES show up in "All cars and tracks" it will also use all cars and tracks to race on. So you may get some Stock Cars, or Minis in your races. If you make an rFM -- you will be able to race JUST the cars that are in the same class.
  13. Yes