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Game Stock Car 2012 Release Thread

Discussion in 'Stock Car Extreme' started by Scott Webber, Jun 30, 2012.

  1. http://www.racedepartment.com/2012/07/game-stock-car-2012-released/

    The long anticipated free update of Game Stock Car is out and users are sharing the content first via torrents. Developer Reiza Studios is currently updating their game website and once completed http links are expected to be released as well.

    Please keep seeding the files with the rest of the community and help make the download process go smooth and fast for everybody. We will update this post with the press release, screenshots, videos and other news during the day when more information is unvealed.

    Download the torrent here

    New to torrents? Quick Nooby Guide here

    Visit the GSC 2012 forums for support
    Find the English F.A.Q. here
    Find the Portuguese F.A.Q. here

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  2. Looks like this is it!!! Downloading now but if this is not the installation files it's one of the biggest trolls I have ever seen. 2.5GB!

    EDIT: Why it would be on a french server anyway?
  3. Yay, torrent is running - thx for the link Philip :)
  4. No idea Corrado!!

    Here's a cut and paste from their Facebook post:

    Reiza Studios
    Para os mais ansiosos, GSC 2012 está disponível neste torrent:

    Por favor ajudem a semear quando terminarem.

    For the most anxios, GSC 2012 is available from this torrent:

    Help us seed it when you´re through.
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  5. There is only 1 active Seed as far as I can tell. It says 2 seeds in swarm but only one is transferring.

    There are a bunch of peers suddenly, but the DL speed is dismal. Health is also pretty low. I wish they had organized this with their beta testers for a number of Seeds to be online at launch. My uTorrent is telling me it will take 3 days and a few hours to download the whole thing.

    I'll be happy to save a copy in my Amazon S3 service once I have the files, but for now it's going to take forever to get.

    Reiza, next time I will be happy to donate some bandwidth and storage to make Dl faster for everyone. I am serious. And I am sure others here would be happy to donate theirs, but you can count on me if you want to leverage mine.
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  6. James Johnson

    James Johnson
    The Weatherman

    Well i'm downloading alright :) 3.7MB/s.
  7. Can you list those trackrs each on its separate line? I can see that this one:
    Is not working on my side. And I don;t understand the syntax of the ones you have in your post. I have the feeling that if I can get the right trackers going it's going to speed up somewhat but the way they are listed in the post I can't understand where one begins and the other ends.

    One of them tells me "connection timed out"
  8. Bugger!! :-(

    Ok starting to speed up at last!! Well gradually anyway.

    Other than clicking on them I have no idea how torrents work, so I'm afraid I can't help Corrado :(.
  9. James Johnson

    James Johnson
    The Weatherman

    Done and seeding :p Installing aswell! :p
  10. It's OK. I am supposed to be doing this for a living but torrents is one of those things I never spent too much time studying.

    What it looks like to me is that this address:
    Times out while this one:
    Is the only one working. I have tried different syntax for the one that's not working (while the other seems to work no matter how I write it) but so far no luck. I suppose the other Seed is on that tracker but if I cannot DL from it then effectively I am DL at half speed.
    If the other guys can download faster, it would help if they just kept their torrent program open so we can speed out pour own download.
  11. Son of a female dog!!!!!

    Even when mine gets upto my maximum speed I'll only be managing 240-260kbs:(.
  12. WHAT??? Where are you? Downstairs from the server?
    If I send you an upload link, can you move your file there? I am not even sure I can actually do this, but if I can create a limited account on my Amazon S3 account, and you could upload to it, it would please a lot of people I am sure!
  13. James Johnson

    James Johnson
    The Weatherman

    London. I dunno where its based but i was pretty much constant 3.7MB/s i might be living on the server. :p Uhh and i could try but Upload is much slower.
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  14. It's not just your driving that's fast then JJ!!
  15. James Johnson

    James Johnson
    The Weatherman

  16. 1hr 03 mins Downloaded 147mb Uploaded 213mb!!

    Pooh:poop:. Oh well hopefully I can try it b4 going to work Sunday night!!
  17. James Johnson

    James Johnson
    The Weatherman

    Camero likes to drift! :p

  18. I looked at teh S3 capabilities, and it is possible, but it would be a pain for both of us and I am not sure we would save that much time.

    Problem is that I am at 1.5% and it has been about an hour now? By the time I have this on my drive, I'll be ready to start downloading GSD 2013 :(

    Torrent health is getting better however, it's just not very fast and my connection at home is actually very good, so that's not the problem. The fact I am in California may be though.

    I can see 4 of 7 seeds connected. Just for kicks, can you guys that have completed the download make sure you have the

    tracker active? I think that if your seed is on the other tracker, then a few of us cannot connect, while on this tracker: udp://tracker.publicbt.com we can
  19. Oh dear, my download rate just collapsed as well, stuck at 25 % for now.