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Game recommendation and easing in advice

Discussion in 'RACE 07 - Official WTCC Game' started by Blackadder, Nov 17, 2009.

  1. Hi everyone.

    I am thinking of buying this game today after a bit of crack with the demo recently (thanks to everyone who helped me get my acceleration working, i still couldn't complete a lap without crashing though :smile-big:). I just have a few questions to double check this is the game for me and a few other details.

    1) Do the cars feel noticably different? (noticable to someone inexperienced as well as a pro who can sense every little detail)

    2) Would you recommend this over need for speed shift (after the real mod and career mod are put into NFS:S)?

    3) I am a severe novice, i played GT5:prologue for a small time but i haven't played a driving game for any period of time since GT3 and WRC on PS2, and those will be nothing like this, so....

    If i buy this how should i start to ease my way in, which car, class, tourney, settings, etc?

    4) I have a driving force GT, does anyone know or have a link to the best settings for this game on this wheel?

    Any advice appreciated
  2. 1) yes the cars are diffrent on some you wont notice it at the start but with more exp you will feel it

    2) thats just my personal view .... i will choose the Race series anytime over NFS:S

    3) best class to start with should be the Mini for FWD cars and the FBMW for the openweeler

    4) dont know
  3. 1) Agree to Michael
    2) Agree to Michael, I only have tried the Demo, but a few things made me decide against it. Most important, and that's why I would never get into console racing: Only 8 people in an online race. You will only understand this, once you participated in a full grid race e.g. with the Minis.
    3) Minimal power = Mini = maximum fun (easiest to handle), so agree to Michael here as well :D
    4) dont know, I have a G25
  4. Dennis Phelan

    Dennis Phelan
    more about staying on track. Premium

    Logitech DFGT
    Combined axis
    360 degrees rotation[personal choice] usually using 20 degrees lock in the game setting.
    Enable FFB
    Overal Strength 100%
    Spring effect Str 0%
    Damper effect 0%
    Centering spring = NOT enabled
    Game settings = allow game to adjust

    Cars? WTCC! Mini! Just for starters.

    There are other racing sims you would want, I doubt it.
  5. Thanks guys, i have gone for it and am currently downloading the GTR evo complete from steam with Race07. Both games seem to be seperate with seperate exe.x but i take it that if i click on the evo.exe that it will include the race 07 content too being an addon?

    Dennis: I take it the 20 degree's lock setting is different to the 360 degrees i set in my logitech profiler. What does it do? What is the difference?

    I will try mini's first as suggested, that seems the best way.
  6. Dennis Phelan

    Dennis Phelan
    more about staying on track. Premium

    The 360 is the number of degrees that the wheel will turn and thats set by you in the game controller settings[or profiler] on the PC. The 20 is the number of degrees of "lock" you set into the car in the garage, the setting will be found on the "overall" page. Steering lock determines how far the front road wheels will turn when you have the steering wheel turned to the limit[half of 360] in one direction. You could have the steering wheel set to 180 degrees in the controller and use only 10 degrees of lock and have exactly the same feel on the road. Typically, you may require the tires to be turned more than the 10 degrees at times, whether to maneuver in the pits, to get back on track or just to "muscle" the car around. 10 degrees is a good slip angle for tires to work at, it pays to have a little more? There is a problem with using 20 degrees in a 180 degree steering wheel, every small movement of the wheel almost instantly creates a large road wheel movement and a difficult time controlling the car, at least for me!

    Race07/Evo/STCC/RaceOn aren't easy. Difficult and rewardiing!
  7. Im personally starting to prefer STCC over WTCC dont know why....does steering lock apply only to wheels or gamepads too?
  8. it applies to any device your using for the steering axis.:drool:
  9. so if i was to say having to constantly tap my axis to turn through a corner....what lock would i need to set it to
  10. it depends how long your axis is, for example, people with 900 degree steering wheels use over 20 degrees normally i think, i use about 13-14 degrees with my wheel, if you using an xbox controller then i think it will be less than what i use. how much less tho ive no idea, youve gotta go with what you feel is right for the track your on mate
  11. I am using my logitech dual action gamepad, I cant afford a wheel if im going to buy race on today
  12. Dennis Phelan

    Dennis Phelan
    more about staying on track. Premium

    You can't really set a lock for a specific turn. Lock has to be large enough to get you thru the tightest turn. As a result, in most turns you spin the wheel less or "tap".

    Save, Save, Save for a wheel! The Logitech Digital Force GT is reasonable and good.
  13. i agreen on Dennis save up for a wheel you wont regret it, you have way more controle over the car in slippy situations as you ever can have with a pad
  14. Cheers Dennis, i understand now.

    What control sensitivities (default seems to be 50% for throttle and brake) and force feedback % do you think are best?
  15. Hey blackadder,

    Definitely save for a wheel
    that's how this game should be played
    it 's much more immersive like that
    if U can find a reasonably priced g25 don't hesitate
    I bought one myself, haven't regretted it a second
    worth every penny, euro, yen, ...
  16. Dennis Phelan

    Dennis Phelan
    more about staying on track. Premium

    For steering/throttle/brake, everyone will tell you the defaults work best and they are very fine! Being a tinkerer, I've played with all the numbers and found that every while or so I'll move the steering from 50%, which is a 1:1 representation, up to 75%. What this does is make my input non-linear, the first degrees of steering wheel rotation do not create a much road wheel rotation as an input close to the max of input. At less than 50% the opposite is true, this would make the car drive "jerky" however and that's better controlled with front wheel toe in/out. The same for throttle and brake, I haven't found that it makes much difference with the throttle but if you drive just one kind of car you can kind of asjust where in the braking zone the brakes bite the hardest. Really though, who drives just one kind of car???

    FFB is whatever YOU like it to be. I find I drive better without too much. I get better control, enough feedback and my hand/arm's don't get beat up!
    Oh, I do remember that I don't use it for braking at all, I rely on audio feedback for that! No ffb for impacts and not too much for curbs, my arthritis hurts enough already.
  17. Theres a thrustmaster ferarri wheel in my local shop, they dont have the momo in stock.
  18. Tim: Cheers, i already have a wheel, a driving force GT with playseat.


    Thanks for all your help, i will use the defaults if that is the best although i think i will have the throttle at 100% for now as i prefer it that way.

    I notice you said to combine the axis but in the logitech profile it says (most games only use single) what does that do?

    Also, what do i do with the SVM files you get when you download setups?
  19. Dennis Phelan

    Dennis Phelan
    more about staying on track. Premium

    My Logitech Profiler has a box for "Report Combined Pedals" that should be checked as that's the way the pedals in the GT are wired.

    SVM files, I don't know if it makes a difference whether you're running an offline or online version, I'm using online Race07 installation and they go in:
    C:\Documents and Settings\Owner\My Documents\SimBin\RACE07\UserData\CarSetups\trackname.
  20. That is where mine are. They must be for online only as i have downloaded from here and in the game and the files don't show in the appropriate setup option.

    I am such an idiot. Since i bought the game i have been thinking that the wheel feels a bit light and easy to use and that i couldn't really feel the road as i drove. I changed the damper and spring settings and i couldn't feel a difference.

    I went into my logitech profiler and everything was ticked on. It was only when i went to the in game options when i realised that whilst doing my settings i had left the FFB setting to "off" which is why not much was happening.

    That is how you know I am an amateur at driving games, it took me 3 days to realise, lol. I have set it to "high" now and things are better.