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Game freezes upon startup.

Discussion in 'F1 2011 - The Game' started by Indi60, Sep 24, 2011.

  1. Ok, so here's the thing - I uninstalled Rapture3D, I disabled my sound system and ran with integrated motherboard one, it works perfectly sound, there's sound and all. Then I plugged my sound system back in, tried to run the game, it runs great, but there's a problem - NO SOUND. Now, how do I make the game recognise my sound card? Thanks in advance.


    I got it working somehow, but now it's stuck on another logo, after checking devices, I only hear music and see the logo, nothing happens from this point. Any ideas?

    Hey guys, so I just got the game, installed it, and once I launch it, it just freezes on the first black loading screen where the F1 2011 logo is. Any ideas? Maybe you've had similar issues... Any help would be appreciated.

    Btw, I'm using Windows XP 32bit, the system is good enough to run this game.
  2. Indi60 What graphics card are you using? The latest ATI drivers (11.8) can cause hanging on launch of the 2010 game, so it may be the same on 2011. If so, try, the previous drivers, just an idea, I have not receive dmy game yet so am unable to test it.
  3. Right now I'm using 275.33 nVidia drivers and downloading the newest ones atm. I doubt drivers would be foulty, though, because any other game works perfectly well.
  4. I had it working fine for 4 or so hrs, but now it refuses to load at the exact same place as yours Indie60....
  5. Yes, I was browsing through some forums and noticed some people had it too, seems like their GFWL profiles were faulty, so they created another ones and it helped for some, it doesn't seem to be helping for me, though...
  6. I'm doing a reinstall....
  7. Let me know the feedback. I've tried reinstalling twice, nothing helped...
  8. Doesn't sound very encouraging, I'll see how it goes.
    I had F1 2010 installed at the same time, but it worked, and had them both working, so I doubt it's a GFWL issue for me, but who knows these days, there's so many layers of crap with steam/GFWL etc that anythings possible.
  9. Hi

    This happened to me - game was working fine and then all of a sudden it was freezing at the loading screen.

    This solution works for me, but only if you have F1 2010 installed as well as F1 2011

    1) Run F1 2010 and exit

    2) Run F1 2011 and it no longer freezes

    I think it might be a problem with GFWL Profile, but this solutions seems to work for me
  10. Would be great if I had a copy of 2010, unfortunately, I don't...
  11. I got it working somehow, but now it's stuck on another logo, after checking devices, I only hear music and see the logo, nothing happens from this point. Any ideas?
  12. Gavin Hendley

    Gavin Hendley

    I was playing online last night and four times it froze on me in the lobby screen and once after a race. This was on the xbox 360 had to do a complete restart on the console. Anybody else have this problem??
  13. My game kept crashing at the loading screen.

    I tried 'Repair' and 'Reinstall' from the disk.

    In the end, deleting the F1 20011 folder in Documents/My Games allowed me to load the game. Loast my saves and settings though.

    It maybe that it will work if you only delete one of the files or delete them and then put them back in?
  14. I would surely try it, but I've never succeeded in starting the game, nor do I have a save file, so it won't do.
  15. Yes I have tried it, it's the same as normal mode. I've read the page as well. Thanks. As I said, I got it running to another load screen, I'm trying to reinstall it the 3rd time, maybe this time I'll get it running as it should.
  16. Got it working!!! Hooray.
  17. When you uninstall, clean your Registry with a Reg Cleaner (CCleaner has one and it's free). Then Restart your PC.

    I would suggest installing the game in a new folder, not 'program files'

    Once you have installed, Restart your system again before trying to run the game.

    Hope it works for you.
  18. Simple re-install did it for me, but i also removed 2010.
  19. It's stuck on the first screen again, how idiotic is this...