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Game does not save custom car setup

Discussion in 'F1 2012 - The Game' started by Roger Snead, Oct 3, 2012.

  1. Hello to all. I did a search on the title both at the Codies forum and here with no results, so if it has already been covered....my apologies.
    I started a Race at Shanghai in Career, but was interrupted and had to quit via, Pause >> "Quit to main menu" I was using a custom car setup all through Practice and Qually. When I came back today to start race I went to take a look at my setup. It was completly different. It looked like a Quick car setup. I had Aero at 11 front and 8 rear with the custom setup. This was now changed to 4 front and 4 rear. I checked the other settings, braking, balance, etc. All changed.
    Is this a bug in the game? Shouldn't it have saved everything that I left it at when I went to "Quit to main menu" which as I explained was a custom setup? Does not look like I can do anything about it except change the front wing only. Did I do something wrong in the way I departed the game last night? Autosave is working fine. I am using the Xbox 360. Many thanks.
  2. It is a bug, i had this problem some other times, its worst if you quit on Q2 or Q3. Since the patch i did not had this problem, i guess its solved.
  3. The only time a setup is saved is when you do it manually from the setup menu in the garage. Going back to the main menu simply scraps any unsaved changes.
    A similar thing happens, when you restart a session - the car goes back to the default setup and loses any unsaved changes. It's kind of annoying, F1 2011 used to remember all of it after a restart so you didn't even need to load it all over again.

    EDIT: Oh, wait, I read your post wrong... So you're saying, that going back to the main menu messed up your SAVED setup? :O_o:
  4. Since the 3rd patch I have been able to quit to menu at any point in P, Q or even just before the race and the setup I had put on the car stayed on the car so the patch worked fine.
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  5. Yes, that is correct. After clicking on the link that Sean posted below, I see that he had the same issue, on the same track,on the same platform.(xbox) Hopefully it won't continue on with other tracks.