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Game-defined steering lock half-broken?

Discussion in 'netKar PRO' started by oneWonders, Apr 23, 2012.

  1. So, i'm not sure if the game-defined steering lock is working properly.

    I set the gt3 rs v2 to 900 degrees, and rotation to "OFF" on the wheel, so that the windows driver controls it.
    Then, in the simulation, i tell it that the wheel has 900 degrees rotation.

    Then, in the sim, i turn the wheel however much amount, and it works correctly, corresponding to how far i have turned the wheel.

    The problem that arises is that for some reason, when you reach the end of the steering lock, the game is not telling my wheel this, so there is no FFB to stop you turning too far. So you will end up turning beyond the in-game vehicle lock, which will in effect be a massive deadzone.

    If i had manually set the rotation on the wheel, to say "540" instead of "OFF" then it would stop the wheel at 540 using FFB (though you can turn past it if you try hard enough). I had hoped the in-game auto-steering lock for each car would work the same.

    Is this fixable? Or is this problem only for fanatec wheels? Or how does it work with logitech wheels?

  2. That's normal, happens with my G27 as well.

    The wheel stops at 540 because the wheel is set to 540. The game doesn't do anything.

    Perhaps there is a way to change the behaviour, but I didn't find it that big of an issue, so never looked into it.
  3. Yes it stops turning at 540 but it doesn't give any actual ffb to stop you - so you can still turn your physical wheel 900 degrees but the wheel stops at 540 ingame.

    If it's the same for you, then i guess that's just how netkar pro works.

    Most of the time, it is not an issue - but if you get into a huge slide and need to use full lock, and then steer back the other way quickly, it can be - as some of your steering can end up being "dead" as you have steered past the 540 mark by accident :D When this happens, it tends to cause a big tankslapper and you die...

    Thanks for the reply! :)
  4. It's not an issue for me, because I correct slides in cars with a lot of rotation (vintage :inlove:), so rarely even hit full lock.
    If I try to correct in fast open-wheelers with 270 lock, I'm dead anyway :D

    Hope someone else knows of a workaround.
  5. I have a slightly differenet problem.
    I set the Logitech Profiler steering (G27) to 540, and also in the NetKar settings to 540, and i feel the lock at 540 in the menu, but it disappears after loading the car/track. I guess thiss is what the OP was describing.

    Moreover, exept for the Abart, there is a mismatch between the virtual wheeturning and my wheel.

    And how can Sesitivity parameter help? Is the value 1 for linear or 0.5?
  6. I'm surprised the Abarth is the only one that works fine, I'd assume it would be one of the open wheelers, who have less than 540 rotation.

    netKar is designed around 900 I guess. Every car's wheel turning will match your physical wheel if you have it at 900, even though only two or three cars can use the full 900.
    If you can't get the lock at 540, why not use the full 900 anyway.

    No clue what Sensitivity does. Will try and see, and check if the same happens for me.
  7. Just to add, on the open wheeler, although I set from the Logitech and ingame menus the 540 degree rotation, (and linearity to 1), the virtual wheel sill turns half the amount the real wheel does?
    Am I missing something in the setup?
  8. Which car is that exactly? I can't reproduce that one in FTarget. Profiler at 540, in-game at 540, the wheels are in sync.
  9. I just tried it on all open wheelers including the FTarget, and I have this pattern (I guess the games calibrates my 900 degrees with a default steering lock of each car).
    On Abarth or VintageReplica, the wheels are in sync, probably because their default steering lock is at 900 degrees.
    Also, I am not sure where the actual steering lock happens because I feel that FFB lock(at at 540) only in menu but not after loading the track.

    So in my case, somehow the ingame steering lock value do not recognize the 540 and goes always for the 900 degrees.

    About sensitivity I'm pretty sure now that is making the wheel input less sensitive around the center, and amplifies the input towards the other end. At value 100% seems to go linearly, one on one on all wheel range.