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Game crashing on session end or quit to main menu

Discussion in 'F1 2011 - The Game' started by glight, Dec 31, 2011.

  1. I am struggling to understand what's going on with my game. Like the title says I find that the game likes to randomly crash when I select quit to main menu while in a session and I have had it crash at the end of a race (presumably when the menu is loading). It doesn't happen all the time but often enough for me to need to find a fix.

    Some info:
    - Game is modded (of course)
    - I am on patch 1.2
    - Autosave is off
    - I tried deleting my game save and starting a new one but the problem still exists
    - have tried flow.bin from original game and from patch1
    - using CM workermap2core.xml to fix driving out of garage
    - Zeno dyk's crowd fix (workermap4core.xml) seemed to increase the amount of crashes
    - I have uninstalled all mods and checked game integrity with steam (no issues there)

    Also, I am not sure if this is related but I sometimes have trouble launching the game as well. I will have to kill the process in task manager and then open the exe again (and again) until it loads the game.
  2. Petar Tasev

    Petar Tasev

    About the game startup I think that may be with Steam. Sometimes, not always, it takes a while for the game to start.
  3. Thanks Ryder, that makes sense. If I don't have steam started already before I open the game it is almost guaranteed not to start.
    In task manager I can see the exe take CPU load up to 30 but then it just drops to 00 and stays there. But this I can live with, don't want to be living in fear of the game crashing after I finish a 100% GP like it did to me yesterday, good thing it was just Melbourne.
  4. Petar Tasev

    Petar Tasev

    As for your game crashing, maybe try removing any saved settings like savegames and graphics options? Maybe the whole 2011 folder in My Docs/User or whatever its called in Vista/7. All I can give is suggestions if I think of them to help you.
  5. Thanks again Ryder, I only deleted my savegame so it might be worth a shot to delete the whole FormulaOne2011 folder.

    EDIT: hopefully I'm not speaking too soon but it looks like the game is behaving now. I am using the flow.bin from patch 1.2 and I make sure I start Steam AND THEN the game. So far it hasn't frozen on opening and I haven't got a ctd when quitting. Still have autosave off.

    EDIT#2: Problem seems to still exist but I may have found a solution. I think the issue is stemming from switching the database.bin without starting a new save file. It appears that falcon444's database.bin's are dodgy. Reverting back to the original database.bin and starting a new save has resolved things (i hope).
  6. Alright guys I REALLY need some help here.

    I thought I had this issue under control but it just doesn't want to go away. It doesn't matter what combination of flow.bin I use (original, patch 1 or patch 2) the game just does not want to load after completing a race. Here is what I tried today:

    1. Switch flow.bin

    2. Delete My Documents/My Games/FormulaOne2011 folder

    3. Start a new career with autosave OFF

    4. Complete Melbourne weekend (P/Q/R on short weekend)

    5. Save

    6. Reload the game

    7. Go to next race (Malaysia) and see if it crashes

    Each time I get a crash no matter what version of flow.bin I use. I am not using any database.bin mods just the following:

    HD Liveries update
    HD Steering Wheels
    Custom Helmets pack
    ENB Series
    FOV25 cameras
    RDDev Flags/Medals OSD
    Drive out of Garage fix from CM
    Falcon444 AI 1.3 (only the ai folder nothing else)
    Tracks sponsors updates

    EDIT: Looks like it was one of the mods after all :oops:. Went through them all one by one to see which was causing the crashes and it was actually the custom helmets pack. I had a hunch that it was the b_nonpersistent.pssg (don't know why) and it turned out to be the problem. After fixing the file (not sure exactly what was wrong, just used the original and added back in the helmets) everything is back to normal. I am using the flow.bin from patch 1.2 the original game btw.