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Game crashes when starting a race?

Discussion in 'F1 2010 - The Game' started by Adam Bark, Dec 23, 2010.

  1. I installed a cam mod and then replaced it with my backed up files after deciding I didn't like it, and now when I click 'Go to race' it shows the cut scene, then when it tries to switch to my on board view, it brings up the HUD and freezes while in the cut scene. I've restored the game twice and tested it without any mods whatsoever but its not working, any idea what I could do to fix it?
  2. Which cam mod?

    Restoring won't work or anything like that. The cam position is saved with your save data.

    To fix it, re-download that cam mod, re-install it, change the camera to the cockpit view, save, then exit the game. Uninstall the mod and the game should work after.
  3. I am using that and its fine for me.
  4. Its not that theres a problem with the mod, Its because I tried to switch back to the default cams.
  5. Yes, I had the same problem with a similar mod.

    Did it work for you?
  6. Just managed to get it back to normal. I restored the game then put all my mods back in (without the cam mod) and it still didn't work, then I realised I hadn't put the save fix back in with my database mod -.- Anyway, job done, thanks for the help ;)
  7. I believe I'm having the same problem as the OP. I have also used perfect cockpit, uninstalled it, and went back to the RDDev camera pack. Now the game let's me do qualifying and practice however when I go to race it will load the cutscene, show the car at the line, load the HUD, then crash to desktop.

    I've reinstalled the game for safe measure and tried my saved game without any mods and it still crashes.

    I tried copying the modded sa0 folder (for the bmw sauber car) instead of installing the entire mod and the game still crashes.

    I tried reinstalling the mod completely and the game still crashes..

    I'm tempted to just start a new career but obviously this is a pain. I'm not sure what else to do though.

    edit: I installed the RDDev camera mod, went into time trial, set camera to the close chase cam, exited, then went into the race and it no longer crashes. I then copied over my modded cameras.xml file (which has a chase_close definition) and now all is well.
  8. The camera mod only changes camera angles. It does nothing else at all. Other mods that touch/alter the database are the culprits.

    What you lot need to do is use JSGME MOD enabler. This installs mods properly and de-isntalls them also, replacing the originals at the same time. It really is very easy.
  9. Some of the cam mods do cause crashes because they change some of the names of the cams. When you uninstall them and go back to the default cams without setting it back to a 'regular' cam, the game gets 'confused' and crashes at the beginning of races.

    I tested this with the RDDev cam mod, and others noticed it as well.