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Game crashes only on wet races

Discussion in 'F1 2013 - The Game' started by spyke3, Jul 2, 2014.

  1. Seeing if anyone else has experienced this.

    Here are my specs first

    Intel 2500k i5 cpu water cooled
    Nvidia 460gtx
    16gb ddr3 ram

    Nothing is overclocked, everything is within temp, and water cooling isnt leaking.

    Im suspecting this is a nvidia issue because i switched to an AMD card, reformatted, played the game for a week in all conditions, dry, wet, sprinkling...no crashes. I reinstalled my nvidia card, reformatted, played the game, and at random lap counts on a wet race it will crash. I can do 2 laps it will crash, other times i can do 30 laps before it crashes.

    GPU is up to date as well as everything else. I get no error messages, the game just black screens, and Ill hear my car run into the wall full speed. Then it will go to desktop, then steam will relaunch the game.

    Any ideas?
  2. Marc


    We experienced this in our league couple weeks after release. It seems to be a bug, what else?! What we sorted out so far is, you "can" do full wet races, game only crashes for sure if weather is changing from dry to wet and vice versa.
    We decided to do only dry races so far...
    Would be great to see if anyone got this fixed/sorted out?!
  3. It's NVIDIA's HD Audio driver bug. Happened to me often until I decided to uninstall it, and now I uncheck the install box for that driver every time I update the video-card's driver, be it any WHQL or Beta release (GT 435M here). That bug is gone now. GeForce 340.43 Beta release driver (without any Nvidia HD Audio version install: Choose Personalized installation, NOT Default installation.)
    Last edited: Jul 4, 2014
  4. Uninstall Nvidia's HD Audio driver & update any Realtek HD Audio driver. Check if any BIOS genuine driver is available, and if so, make an update: BEWARE that you have to know what you're doing b4 updating any BIOS driver (better check with your PC-maker's customer service first to be sure, just in case, and make system backup b4 you proceed).
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  5. Marc


    Thanks Salut, we`ll give it a try :thumbsup:
  6. bios is updated already, already tried uninstalling nvidias hd audio driver and realtek is up to date. still crashes randomly at wet races. (this includes practices and qualy.
  7. Sorry it didn't work. Now that it's done, I suggest you go to the Graphics settings and reduce them one by one, starting with car reflections. For example, if they're set to ULTRA, reduce them to HIGH. If game crashes again when wet, reduce the PARTICLES setting, and try again. I also had to do that, my PARTICLES settings are set to LOW and game stopped crashing. That 2013 version from Codemasters is pure crap... They better fix their product for 2014 or I'm not buying it.
  8. Ill try that next. Here is a minor update, but im not sure how relavent this is. I installed the "no rain in career" mod, and I had 1 crash at Austin during an R&D during practice. I was 2 laps in when it crashed in the first sector. Oddly enough, i redid practice, changed nothing, and it never crashed.
  9. Perhaps it's the Autosave feature (which has been a buggy feature since the first year) that has been flushed out and now you have sort of a fresh new set of data in the game's cache, who knows? That amateur-ish product is a pile of bugs since the beginning...
  10. i used to have this problem also, its an issue for many that have GTX460, as someone else above said " HD AUDIO DRIVER BUG", so basicly all you have to do is, uninstall and install back your GPU Driver, but this time uncheck HD Audio Driver, restart PC, you will notice that Windows will install on its own the HD Audio Driver, but thats fine.

    After all this, your game will be fine on Rain
  11. Ill try that one