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2016 Super GT - #11 Gainer

  1. I wanted to send a PM, but is not possible. Can I have permission to use your Super GT 2016 cars to use in a 2016 Super GT GT300 skinpack? :)
  2. @quakeguy not have heard anything back yet about my previous post :giggle:
  3. Hey, sorry I must have missed that. If you want to create a skinpack for Assetto Corsa, you might want to wait a bit longer, there 'might' be one or two fixes coming "soon", and maybe a skin or two more. If you don't mind, go ahead, but please add a link to the original files on racedepartment in the description too. If it's for a different sim I would rather not see that happen... sorry.
  4. @quakeguy Thanks for your reply. I wanted to do it for Automobilsta. I made a 2014 pack to. You can see at my downloads. But if you not want it, than I will not use them.