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Gadgets RaceDepartment...

Discussion in 'Site Feedback & Support' started by Sebastian Tasak, May 14, 2012.

  1. My suggestion is to create a shop with gadgets (T-shirts, keychains,cups:) etc...) ,with Racedepartment logo[​IMG] as earning for organizations (RaceDepartment.com)
    for example:15€ - t-shirt
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  2. Caramidaru Andrei Bogdan

    Caramidaru Andrei Bogdan
    Mr. C Premium Member

    awsome ideea..i gues i will buy all shop then:)
  3. :sleep: refresh
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  4. Bram

    Roaring Pipes Maniacs | #27 Staff Member Premium Member

    Closer than you think Seb :)
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  5. Rupe Wilson

    Rupe Wilson
    One step at a time.. Premium Member

    I hope there is a RD coffee mug.. with a long straw:whistling:
  6. Seb...:rolleyes: it isn't name.:confused:
    Diminutive my name is: Seba or Sebek; Sebcio and Sebuś (sweet diminutive ;))
    OK?:thumbsup: and thanks.:)
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  7. Bram

    Roaring Pipes Maniacs | #27 Staff Member Premium Member

    Then Ill just call you ziom :)
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  8. Tom

    Staff Emeritus Premium Member

    We definitely need a special shirt for Le Mans 2013: "RD LE MANS DRINKING TEAM feat. JUNK FOOD".
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    If you are not up to some clothing with RD logo, can I make myself my own with RD logo ? I need legal rights for TM or Copyright ;)