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G920 or Thrustmaster TX hub

Discussion in 'Sim Racing Hardware' started by big_fraz, Oct 3, 2015.

G920 or Thrustmaster TX?

Poll closed Oct 17, 2015.
  1. G920

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  2. TX base + 599XX wheel

  1. Hey folks, I've been looking for some decent comparisons between these wheels but can't find much info from actual users of either so joined this forum for some advice :)
    I will be playing mostly sims (with some arcade madness occasionally) on PC but also XB1.
    Will be looking to buy the wheel, shifter and pedals soon so any positives or negatives, other suggestions on hardware and so on would be appreciated
    Also does anyone know if you can use fanatec pedals/shifters with these wheels?
  2. Hiroshi Awazu

    Hiroshi Awazu
    Off Topic Moderator

    With the T500, T300 and the TX458 you can use Fanatec pedals with this adapter


    As for the shifter i'm not too sure but i use the TH8A.

    I would go with Thrustmaster's TX, T3PA and TM 28 package over the G920

    Inside Simracing has reviews on these wheels so you might want to check out their video reviews on YouTube.
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  3. i recently upgraded from the g27 to tx + 599XX rim (havent received it yet), so if youre starting out looking at one versus the other its no contest really. i dont know about how things integrate on console as i dont have one, but the TX is simply a better wheel, from what ive read until you go up to direct drive its the most substantial upgrade you can make from a ffb perspective (in the progression of logitech - thrustmaster - fanatec - DD).

    logitechs product looks very solid its just terribly overpriced.
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  4. No contest... you should pick the Thrustmaster because until Logitech makes a belt-driven wheel (significantly less cogging) and capable of higher data rates, the Logitech is barely useable.
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  5. Thanks guys, going to order at TX and the th8a, will use my Fanatec pedals for now. Still not sure about wheel yet but I like the look of 599xx wheel
  6. is there a difference between tx and The t300rs base when only playing at pc? I will change from Logitech to thrustmaster and my option was The t300 rs with th8a
  7. t300 is 1080 degrees
  8. 2pfspiff

    2015 pCars World Endurance Challenge AM Champion

    If you are only using it for the PC then go with the T300 599 Alcantara edition. You get the better rim with the T3PA pedals with conical brake mod. Plus it is 1080 deg compared to 900 deg. If you plan on using on the console then your choice will be based off of what console you own. The T300 is good for the PS3/4 and PC. The TX only works with the XB1 and the PC.
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