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G27 Wheel problem

Discussion in 'netKar PRO' started by firefox2k2, Feb 12, 2011.

  1. Hi I have just purchased a G27 wheel but cannot seem to get it to work in NKpro, in the controller config screen I can select wheel but there is no ok or next button, only a cancel button and this defaults back to keyboard. See screenshot

    any ideas would be very much appreciated.
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  2. Reduce your system font size and a "next" button will appear to your right.
  3. I would love if netkar could support in game force feedback setting, I hate the curve (outside track ) force in my G27, its so noisy and pretty much unrealistic.
  4. That did the trick! thank you very much.
  5. It does. The settings are on the setup tab (i think...one of the tabs anyway in the garage) once in the car, and it's remembers your settings for each car. Play with damper settings.
  6. I did find the ff setting in 'view' panel but there's no damper setting or other one that effecting curve ff.
  7. It's under the ff gain setting. There's ff damping and ff friction. It won't change silly off track noise, but adjusting overall gain and damping will change what you feel. As for the silly off track noise, the cure for that is not to go off track! :)
  8. haha , ya I found out that the ff friction gives a much better feel to the car as I can feel the tires friction which gives you better car handling.
    In Race On for example the off track and curves are not noisy and much more real, just like it should be , so I still hope for a future fix for that in netkar.