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g27 vs fanatec csr

Discussion in 'Sim Racing Hardware' started by Andrew Ford, Oct 14, 2013.

  1. Andrew Ford

    Andrew Ford

    I've always liked my fanatec csr - particularly the throttle vibration feature. however, after a number of problems, i've decided to send it off to be looked at by fanatec. recently it has begun disconnecting and the ffb seems to have gone. i have about 7 usb ports,so i disabled power saving options etc etc and whilst the wheel is recognised, there is now no ffb and it keeps disconnecting..

    so i bought a g27 today. i played with settings and it started to feel quite good. however, something was missing. i realised what. i notice that when i drive over grass or rumble strips, i can feel the roads surface (vibrations). however, on the road such as in rfactor 2, i get not throttle vibrations on the road surface - inlike the csr.

    is this normal for the g27? does anyone else get vibrations when pressing the throttle? if not, is it the wheel or the pedals? when you press a throttle in a real car, you feel the vibrations increase as you add more throttle. i love this feature. if the g27 hasn't got it, fair enough..but i hope i don't have a faulty g27 or faulty usb ports in some way.

    please help.thanks!:unsure:
  2. I believe this is normal, the G27 Pedals don't have the same features as the Fanatec CSP Pedals. You could always use the G27 Wheel combined with the CSP's, that is basically what I use now and really like the combo.
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  3. Andrew Ford

    Andrew Ford

    thank you. i don't have the CSP. I have the standard CSR pedals. I think there is a wire so that i can attach them to pc. What i don't know is, if they will give throttle vibration or not - without the wheel? i'm guessing that the CSP have a motor on them. I'm not sure about the CSR pedals. I guess there must be. However, the CSR WHEEL has a setting on it where you can change the vibrations from brake to throttle or vice versa. As the G27 doesn't have this control setting, I don't know how the motor would work. I will try it but typically, I can't find the pedal to pc adaptor!

    Thank you for your reply and any other answers would be much appreciated!
  4. Sorry, I was only thinking of the CSP Pedals.
    I had a look at the specs for the CSR Pedals and they don't seem to have the additional vibration motor that the CSP's have.
    I'm not aware of the G27 having any setting to move vibrations from brake to throttle, maybe someone else can help more.
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  5. Andrew Ford

    Andrew Ford

    I think you are correct mate. There is not vibration. My friend has a g27 and confirmed.

    Shame: Both wheels have nice qualities -
    the g27 has a lovely feel. it's smaller, more compact, leather cover, cheaper, nice gear shifter and centering feel. However, if you want more centering (pulling back) it becomes a little difficult to turn into the corner. so you either have a weak, loose turn in and less centering power OR fight the wheel to turn in and then a nice corner exit with centering more powerful.

    the csr is a little bigger. it is more realistic with its balance of turn in and realistic centering. the throttle vibration is the thing which makes me feel like i'm driving a real car. there are two major let downs. the mic slot is not really compatable with any headset - there is a well known interference problem and personally, two headsets have broken using the csr.
    The main problem is the disconnecting. I had one of the earliest models so I don't know if they've fixed it. it's nothing to do with grounding. its nothing to do with wireless interference. fanatecs answer seems to be to send out new wheels each time someone returns them. i've heard of people have 3 different wheels.
    i'm quite lucky in that i can use the g27 and focus on it for the VWEC - hopefully i wont disconnect like in the fanatec! In the meantime, i have contacted fanatec support for advice.

    oh yes, fanatec support is poor in terms of response time (it took 3 weeks over a year ago) when i first had a problem and having to package a wheel and send it to Germany from the UK is quite a hassle...

    Thats for anyone considering these wheels.

    Thanks again Warren!
  6. I had disconnection problems with my old motherboard and GT3 wheel. Solution was disable USB legacy mode in BIOS.
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