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g27 settings

Discussion in 'Richard Burns Rally' started by Eckhart von Glan, Mar 13, 2012.

  1. hi guys, what settings do you use with g27s? both profiler and in-game. thx in advance
  2. Eckhart, here are my G25 In-Game settings, maybe some help. I used basically default Profiler setup but with about 450 deg rotation:

    I'm now using a Fanatec wheel with very similar settings.
  3. thx warren, that will probably do the trick, will test tomorrow night and report here.
  4. Hi Warren, how does the Fanatec (what Fanatec is this?) feel compared to the G25 for RBR? I'm using a G27 and I can imagine the higher end wheels feeling better (FFB wise) for circuit based sims, but what about RBR? I'm just wary that it might be a little too civilised if you know what I mean or is this not the case?
  5. Actually, I still preferred my G25 for RBR. The FFB was more lively, the Fanatec (GT3) feels a little dampered / muffled if you know what I mean. It's also heavier to turn quickly, but I may not have it fine-tuned enough yet.The Fanatec is smoother, quieter, and having the settings adjustments available in-game are some advantages, but overall, I loved the G25 for it's feel in RBR. I replaced the G25 pedals about a year ago with Fanatec CSP's and loved those.
    The G25 with the Fanatec CSP's was a really good combo for RBR. Shame the G25 died after about 6 years of faithful service. :(
  6. works like a charm, thx Warren! tried some laps with 540 lock because that's my race07 setting and it felt nicely vague if you see what I mean, not quite as responsive, but on gravel it felt really neat, maybe I'll try that in the next gravel event. thx again, felt good to do some turns in RBR after a month of absence.