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G27 profiler and ingame settings

Discussion in 'DiRT Rally' started by Terra21, Nov 12, 2015.

  1. Terra21


    Hi All

    Can anyone here share some good settings they use for profiler and ingame for the G27 as defaults don't seem the best

  2. Logitech G27 - I find this more 'in tune' with what the car is doing. Particularly with correcting oversteer in the RWD's

    Wheel Profiler:
    Effects Strength 107
    Spring 100
    Damper 100
    Centre Spring 0 Enabled
    900deg Rotation

    Deadzone 0
    Saturation 65/75
    Linearity 0
    SoftLock Enabled
    SAT 125
    Wheel friction 15
    Tyre friction 15
    Suspension 100
    Tyre Slip 50
    Collision 100
    Soft Lock 100
    Centre Force 100