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g27 problems with netKar PRO demo 1.1

Discussion in 'netKar PRO' started by David O Gorman, Apr 6, 2010.

  1. The problem im having is that the steering wheel is always set up off center ,iv gone through the setup 10 times ,even with different degrees of rotation,however im sure i know what the error relates to ,as the leds on the wheel work in game so im assuming that its the same issue that race on had with tha values for the lights causing problems with the steering and ffb
    Also in the setup it tells me to turn the wheel 90 degrees to the left,in all honesty how is it possible to do this accurately,
    Steering is centered in logitech profiler and all other games on my system
  2. I asked Kunos about this a while ago and he said it wasn't necessary to be perfectly accurate.

    For your off centre problem, when you're in the garage/pit hold your wheel so it's centred and press Ctrl and the wheels will align perfectly.
  3. no all sorted now ,just one of those glitches more than likely on my part.
    any tips on ffb settings ,g25 ones would be fine.
  4. The popular choice seems to be 100% FFB in windows, with all other settings to 0%

    In game FFB friction and FFB damping to 0. amd FFB gain to suit your taste. FFB gain will be different for each car. If you hit F8 you'll see a box with brake, throttle and steering bars. The stronger your FFB gain, the higher the grey bar will rise in strong FFB conditions. It's best to get it so the grey bar just about hits the top under it's max FFB load. If it hits the red to often it introduces FFB clipping and you should dial the gain down a click.

    The FFB damping and FFB friction are recommended to be 0.. Having them higher than 0 starts to reduce the fidelity of the FFB though. It's a personal thing though. I can definitely feel the car a lot better with them on 0.