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G27 problem

Discussion in 'RACE 07 - Official WTCC Game' started by Steve O'Malley, May 13, 2012.

  1. During the League race tonight my wheel stopped downshifting. Mostly at the end of the straight entering turn 4. This meant entering turn 4 in 6th or 5th gear which wasnt ideal.
    Do these cars develop mechanical faults or is that turned off? Seems strange it always happened in the same place. Is anyone else aware of similar problems? I ran a few laps after the race in a different car and it seemed fine.
  2. Bram

    Roaring Pipes Maniacs | #27 Staff Member Premium Member

    Not that I know of Steve. Do you this wheel issues in other games too.

    On a side note strange that 60 people viewed this thread and nobody even bothers to give an answer. Sad really.
  3. My G27 developed this problem too. Did your FFB get wacky when you couldn't downshift? I would downshift and take a corner and the motors in the wheel wouldn't work and the wheel wasn't re-centering at all, fully locked to the right would be going straight. Only way to fix the problem was to reboot the computer. It got worse and worse and the motor ended up going out...
  4. Not a solution, but possible pointers to consider

    Could it be that at the end of the straight t4 Brno, your inputs were somehow more than the wheel to windoze to game interface combined with the effects coming back game to windoze to wheel could handle? Have you made changes to how often the wheel inputs are updated, I dont know much about it but I know buried somewhere are all sorts of settings for wheel update rate, even FFB prediction of what it expects your next input to be. I know on lower spec machines just generating the FFB over rumble strips can cause lag that many think is graphics lag but I view more as a combination of the loads in the machine caused by it having to calculate the physics, generate the graphics and the feedback of a car that's bouncing over a rumble strip - in a similar way people complain of and point the finger at graphics lag when sometimes its the game trying to keep up with them having the car sliding and 'out of shape' - t4 Brno is one of those easy to have the car on the verge of crossed up, kind of, but not kind of bends , could you have found a way of entering it under lots of on off suspension, steering, FFB,throttle, clutch and brake inputs/outputs that led to the downchange somehow been missed?

    FFB can in some instances (usually when it stops altogether) be reset while in game/ontrack by hitting ALT + F , unrelated I know but useful to bear in mind before a reboot.

    I'm Mr positive this week, so I prefer to think 60 people viewed the thread in the hope of helping, but didn't post because its such a strange one that they didn't know (same as I don't) how to silver it, but credit due to them for looking in the hope they could help - much better than viewing them as SAD for not posting.. like I said tho I'm on a posi-drive this week !
    I hope you solve it, let us know if you do - if you don't stay positive and hope the problem never comes back again; the G27 is a great wheel !
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  5. Mark Gormley

    Mark Gormley
    #14 | The Silent Killer

    I had a peek in but am at a total loss. The only issue I've ever had with my G27 (FFB not working) was solved by leaving it unplugged when I wasn't using it.

    The only explanation I can offer is perhaps all the excitement meant the paddle wasn't being released fully before you went for another gear. I notice my arms tensing up when things are particularly hectic in a race.
  6. I use the sequential stick on my DFP (can't use the 'paddle' buttons with 900 degrees as their on the wheel and did experience a similar thing on one track because i was holding the stick after the last change, ready for the next, took a few laps to work out what i was doing - bad habit I developed on one particular corner on one track.

    Thinking about it I have managed to mess up the gearbox so changes didnt happen properly - once in 4 years, but i was deliberately trying my best to kill the car, so maybe you were using manual clutch and being really aggresive with the changes?
  7. Thanks for the input guys. I have been unable to replicate this problem, hopefully a glitch that will not return. Despite taking advice about this wheel being pretty good, ive got a Fanatec GTR3 with CSR Elite pedals arriving tomorrow so the G27 might find itself in the cupboard for a while:) .