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G27 please help..

Discussion in 'Sim Racing Hardware' started by Mark Tustain, Jan 20, 2012.

  1. Hi,Long story short, I am disabled so I've re-wired my Logitech g27 wheel. I had to obviously open up the main wheel case to add some wiring, however I have a semi circle metal clip left which is I think an earthing clip. Does anyone know where this goes as it was loose when I cracked it open and I can't see it going anywhere? It keeps shorting out after a couple of minutes and i have to keep resetting it even without my additional wiring.


  2. I think I've fixed it, does this go on the front bearing?
  3. This is the spring that is supposed to be sitting underneath the toothed rack. If you have to remove the rack to get the spring back into place then on reassembly you will need to align the two marks, one on the middle of the rack and the other on the cog wheel on the end of the steering shaft. These can be very hard to see, particularly when covered in grease.
  4. Hi Roadster, thanks for the info I would never have found that! Does this have any electrical purpose as I definitely have an earthing problem if not?
  5. Hi Mark. No, this has no effect on earthing as it's only contact is plastic against plastic. What makes you think you have an earthing problem ?

    Edit: Sorry - just re-read your first post. What additional wiring have you installed
  6. Damn that's thrown my theory out the window, ok just checked the wheel on the ps3 and its fine no issues. However when I play rfactor on the PC it runs for an intermittent amount of time and then just freezes. If you then view the controls in rfactor you can see they are frozen in the last functional place! I am now using all original wiring nothing is different! In the end I have got some new potentiometers on the wheel so I can throttle and brake with my hands, I was just running a cable up the middle of the steering column.
  7. Hi Mark. If it works on the PS3 then it sounds as if the wheel is Ok. I assume that you might have done this already but in case you haven't then download and install the latest drivers.

    One of the wheels I stripped in the past had a set of paddles for the accelerator and brake. Can't remember if it was a Logitech or a Thrustmaster. If it comes back to me I'll let you know. The pedals weren't brilliant but then it's always possible to use a set of Logitech G25 or G27 pedals, connected to USB via a Leo Bodnar cable.
  8. Yeah I've got the latest drivers, should have tried it on the ps3 first my process of elimination was out of sync :)
    I've just upgraded from a DFGT which worked perfectly on the same computer which is why I just "presumed" I'd done something! I wanted to use the G25 as I still want the paddle shifters to change gear at the same time and obviously the quality of it.. I'm gonna try a different pc game later just to check its not rfactor and actually is windows, could have saved myself lots of time here :)

    Thanks for your help I really really appreciate it
  9. Hi roadster me again :)
    I've been doing some more testing and I've found that actually its doing the same thing through the PS3 it just takes longer!
    If I don't have it plugged in the wall (no ffb) it's fine but if I plug it in then it dies after a while and nothing works! Do you have any ideas?
  10. Does the problem occur at any point or just after the wheel has been turned all of the way. Clutching at straws a little but I'm wondering if the wheel is turning too far and that's somehow causing the fault. If the spring hasn't already been refitted then take the unit apart, refit the spring and check the alignment marks and just see if there's anything noticeable while it's apart.

    How old id it ? The warranty on the G27 is two years so providing there are no obvious signs of it having been taken apart then this might be an option ?
  11. Everything works perfectly if I unplug either the shifter or the power cable. That's why I think it's a power issue! Very lost now, my warranty is void as ive marked the casing and used the wiring from the pedals!
  12. Any ideas? Do you fix these things or are an electrician or something?
  13. Hi Mark. Electrician when I first start work (too many years ago!!), now I have my own computer business. My knowledge of the G25/G27 units has come from working on them for myself.

    As the G27 plays up on the PS3 as well as the PC it does look like it's the G27 that's at fault. Strange though that it looks to work Ok with the Shifter disconnected. The Shifter connection socket on the wheelbase connects to the pcb via cables so it's not as if any movement of the Shifter plug is causing the pcb to flex. As you have had the wheel unit apart I can only suggest that you take it apart again and double check that everything looks Ok; everything fixed solidly, connectors in fully etc. Where the pcb sits against the bracket at the bottom end there is a small piece of clear insulating film so if you have had the pcb off then check that this is in place.

    I do have one other idea but I'll send a pm on that.
  14. Jim Cole

    Jim Cole

    Is it possible that the wires were reversed from the shifter connection to the pcb in the wheel? This might account for the power issues when connecting the shifter.
  15. Hi Jim, i think it only fits one way, also it does work for a certain amount of time and then it all just cuts out. I'm going to order a new one and see what i can figure out with that, i should be able to make at least one working model with 2 set ups :)
  16. Jim Cole

    Jim Cole

    I had to ask that because some people (not saying you are one hehe) don't pay attention to things on connectors and force them into position even if they are wrong :)
  17. Ha yeah i know what you mean, it's been driving me completely insane! Also i purchased the wheel from Play.com about a month go and the price was £169.99 and now they have put it back up to £249.99 so the return better work out :)