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Sell G27 + lots of extra goodies

Discussion in 'Sim Racing Marketplace' started by RaceWasGood, Mar 18, 2016.

  1. RaceWasGood


    I'm letting my good ol' Logitech G27 go, since i've upgraded my rig.

    The package includes Leo Bodnar cables for both the shifter and the pedals, so you can use them as standalone USB-devices if needed. As you probably know, the Bodnar-cable for the pedals increases the sensitivity to 10-bit, so it gives you better precision as well.

    Also included is a mini plate and extended wheel paddles (330-350mm) by Derek Spear Designs, a G27 generic 70mm hexagonal mounting pattern wheel adapter for common wheels such as Momo, Sparco, OMP etc.

    I used the mini plate with a 350mm Momo Millenium wheel and it's likely to fit other brands similar types of wheels as well.

    The kit is in top condition and i've had no issues with it what so ever. I'm located in Finland so consider shipping costs depending on your location. If any Swedish guys are interested i could probably arrange for free transportation and face to face deal in Stockholm. Same goes for southwest of Finland.

    So there you have it. I'm asking 250€ for this kit including extra goodies worth about 140€
  2. RaceWasGood


    Update to this. The G27 is sold, but all the extra goodies are still up for sale (Leo Bodnar pedalcable + shifteradapter, DSD mini plate + wheelpaddles, aluminum 70mm wheel adapter).
    Last edited: Apr 2, 2016
  3. RaceWasGood


    The DSD mini plate is sold too, so what's left is the Leo Bodnar pedalcable + shifteradapter, DSD aluminum extended wheel paddles for 330-350mm wheels and an aluminum 70mm hexagon pattern wheel adapter for aftermarket wheels like Momo, Sparco etc.
  4. RaceWasGood


    Update time.

    The only items left now are the DSD aluminum extended wheel paddles for G27 mounted 330-350mm wheels and an aluminum 70mm hexagon pattern wheel adapter for mounting aftermarket wheels (like Momo, Sparco etc.) to a G27. If Logitech didn't change the boltpattern it might even fit later/other Logitech wheels, but i'm not sure so you'd better check that first. Same goes for the extended paddles.