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G27 : FFB loose when i turn

Discussion in 'F1 2012 - The Game' started by Martin Oszust, Aug 18, 2013.

  1. Hi just got my g27 and i have tried several settings and i cant seem to get it fucntionign right.. i know the ffb works great in other games, but in f1 2012 the ffb seems to turn off when i turn trhe wheel.
    and i have very big trouble turning in almost all corners which makes my laptimes very bad!
    for example in australia the ai can take the left right very fast corner on almost full speed i think.,...
    i cant cause i end up too far or in the grass at the right side which ofc makes it impossible to turn to the right after. since im in the right side...
    i have tried different car setups too...
    any1 knows what a very good rotation setting in the profiler is?

  2. it is corner 11 and 12 im talking about:d
  3. the feeling that ffb is off suddenly when turning, means you're steering too agressive combined with too much speed and your front tyres have lost grip, and you'll understeer.
    Basically give less steering input or take the corner slower at first.
  4. its not that:d i know how that feels, it doesnt go loose its more like it switches offf, its impossible to drive it..
  5. rotation shouldn't be fixing it. You could try turning on V-sync because if your fps is too high, the FFB can do strange things.
  6. i have done that too:d ijust bought my g27 so im not to familiar with racing.. so its hard for m,e to tweak it cause i dont know when its