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G27 - Fanatec CSR Elite Wheel Pros/cons

Discussion in 'Sim Racing Hardware' started by Bob Luneski, Jan 16, 2012.

  1. I've had my trusty G25 for 4 years and it seems to be feeling some of its age, almost indescribable change in performance as if it were gertting "Loose". I've already upgraded to Fanatec Clubsport pedals and now want to do something about the wheel.

    1) Openup and refurbish existing G25
    2) Buy G27 would give us an extra g25 pedal set
    3) Buy Fanatec CSR Elite Wheel

    Request input from people on these various options and wherther you have done them yourself.


  2. Chris Jenkins

    Chris Jenkins
    Driving til the wheels fall off

    G27s are going cheap on Play.com at the moment if that helps.
  3. Danny Asbury

    Danny Asbury

    I'd go with the CSR, Bob. Will be switching the the Fanatec Clubsport wheel when it comes out hopefully. From everything I've gathered, the CSR Elite and Clubsport wheels really help you feel the car better. As for the G27, I've heard some rumblings that certain drivers prefer the G25 instead.
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  4. G27 wheel and paddles are impressive for me, the only complaint I have is some games go overboard on rumble off track, like rfactor2 for ex.
  5. I do prefer the G25 over the G27 (but its very slight) and I run a G25-E from ARC-Team, its pretty impressive, but I am going to try the new CSW when it comes out. Almost all the wheels have strong and weak points, I own G25/G27/G25-E GT3RSv2 T500 with CSP and Logithec and other pedals also. The CSE is well rated, but the G27 is still a damn fine wheel and very good value..... You takes yer pick.... :D

    You could think about the G25-E conversion...... I luvs mine to bits :D
  6. Alex Ball

    Alex Ball
    Web Nerd

    CSR-E pisses all over the G27.
  7. What Brian said.

    The G27 is a good wheel for the money but the CSR Elite is a much better wheel (though almost double the cost of a G27 and you don't get any pedals). I own a CSR-E w/ CSP's and have tested my friend's G25 set a few times; I would rather save up for CSR-E and clubsport pedals than buy a G27.
  8. Indeed that would not surprise me, but there is a Significant price difference so as I stated before, they both have strong points, its like saying an ECCI 7000 is better than a CSR-E.... :) But granted, if you have the money I would seriously consider the CSR-E :)
  9. Alex Ball

    Alex Ball
    Web Nerd

    I also prefer the G25 to the G27. Seemingly it has a better 'feel' to my hands.

  10. you really can't compare the G27 to CSR-E , the Thrustmaster T500 RS is about the only wheel you could compare the CSR-E to, the only thing i see that fanatec have going for them over other wheel is been able to change fine tune on the fly.
  11. So does anyone here actually have or have used a CSR-Elite??
  12. Hiroshi Awazu

    Hiroshi Awazu
    Off Topic Moderator

    Edit: deleted post due to giving opinion on CSR Standard set, not the Elite.
  13. Hiroshi Awazu

    Hiroshi Awazu
    Off Topic Moderator

    T500 is well over $650 Canadian, too much for me.
  14. My thoughts on the CSR Elite:

    Intro: I was one of the first to pre-order and recieved mine just after Christmas so I've had it for a solid month now. Previously I've owned: Microsoft 360 wheel, Logitech DFGT and Fanatec GT2. I play Forza 4 so 360 compatibility was a must for me, I also play F1 2011 on PC. Last year, my GT2 broke and so I decided to tough it out with my DFGT and wait for the CSR-E. My anticipation of this wheel was very high and so were my expectations. I am very glad to finally tuck away the DFGT (though will be kept as a backup).

    I will first off say that the base is very good. It is almost entirely made of metal which was a HUGE plus for me as I didn't want a repeat of what happened with the GT2. The only plastic used on the base is the back cover (which is not load-bearing) however it seems to be a good quality. There are 2 (yes two!) motors putting out 240W that power a belt drive system. Most wheels use a sensor on the motor however, Fanatec have placed an optical sensor on the steering axis to improve force feedback response. Time will tell on the durability of this system but it looks to have a much better longevity than the GT2. Mounting the base was simple, it uses the same holes as the GT2.

    The wheel rim is a different story:

    - 30cm diameter
    - Sports car D shape (all-round versatile shape)
    - lots of buttons and 5 way Dpad (4 way plus click)
    - buttons have good positive feel to them
    - good hand grips at 9 & 3 position (alcantara patches)
    - on-the fly adjustment of wheel settings with LCD screen
    - shifter paddles are large with a very solid feel and long travel (a huge improvement from the GT2)
    - wheel is light and fast to turn (GT2 is much slower by comparison)
    - rim can be disassembled and will be interchangeable with new rims (BIG +)

    - Wheel stem is a bit long. This causes a slight inward flex, however it is not overly significant.
    - Design is somewhat "cheap" feeling. Would have preferred more quality materials. (not a big loss for me but others share this feeling more strongly) Forza branding may be off-putting for some, others will like it (me).
    - Rubber coating has already begun to chip at 3 o'clock position
    - Some slight flex in the plastic of the wheel rim

    Overall I am happy with the rim but I will be eagerly awaiting an upgrade.

    ForceFeedback: The feedback on the wheel is very strong. I have had to turn down my settings to 20% FFB to avoid getting tired in long sessions of F1 2011. Forza has a bit weaker FFB signals but the CSR-E can be turned up to remedy this. The detail off FFB is a big improvement over what I was used to with the DFGT and GT2. I have a better sensation of the grip, for example I will feel the wheel go light when there is less grip. I can then use this as a warning sign and apply better throttle control to prevent spins. Previous wheels in the same situation would just go loose and it would usually be too late to correct. I have used a friend's G25 and feel that the CSR-E is definitely a step up in FFB detail. The DFGT and G25/7 have a lot of rattle to them under vibration effects (curbs) and the CSR-E does not, this was a huge plus as I found the rattle on the DFGT very annoying.

    side note on FFB: the wheel's firmware has been improved since release. Initially FFB was a bit lacking, the above comments come from using the latest FW (v721). Upgrade process was not dead-simple but easy enough, instructions were easy to follow. Just wanted to mention this as it is an extra step in the setup process.

    Cost: $540 hmmm; if the rim was better I would have no issues with this price at all. That being said the materials used to construct the base put this wheel at the level of Frex or ECCI for a fraction of their cost. I have never used these wheels so I can't say how they compare but I don't think it is wrong to say the CSR-E is well above the performance of previous Fanatec wheels and the G25/7.

    Thrustmaster's T500RS is still a good competitor though (from what I've read). With the thrustmaster you're paying just slightly more and you get a set of good pedals. CSR-E with CSR-E pedals you are looking at $700+. If you don't need xbox compatibility then you might want to consider this wheel instead.

    Conclusion: Recommended, would buy again. While not perfect, this wheel make strides for Fanatec and Forza. For Xbox users there is no question, this is the best wheel (and the 2nd best is Fanatec's CSR wheel or GT2). PC and PS3 users still have some decisions to make: The G25/7 is way cheaper and still a great package, Thrustmaster is slightly cheaper and a direct competitor, Frex & ECCI may still be king for professional hardware but much more expensive.
  15. I´d wait until the CSR Elite has it´s small issues fixed.

    Why not consider a T500RS it´s an awesome wheel.
  16. Thanks all for your comments. Hopefully someone who's used it with Race07 series, rFactor/rFactor2, and iRacing will chime in with some comments.

    I am a bit concerned about first production issues, but they seem to be addressing them. The T500RS isn't that attractive since I've already got Fanatec Clubsports and the included pedals increase the price of the T500RS a lot with no value for me.

  17. My T500 pedals i've looked at only then quickly put them back in the box :)
    CSP's all the way!

    Probably will upgrade to CST's in the future.

    If you find someone that only sells the wheel then don't hesitate, it's a fantastic wheel that's closer to the elite then GT2/G27 etc.
  18. Gavin Hendley

    Gavin Hendley

    I updated my CSR using firmwire v721 yesterday and found the steering had too much over steer using my original settings of SEN 250 now it has to be 420 just to feel normal again on F1. FFB is really stronger after the update and have to bring it down from 60 to 40.
    On Forza 4 same steering issue. But SEN does not seem to work ie 900 degree does not do what it should, anyone have this issue?
  19. Pax7

    LifeOn2 Development

  20. I have a G27, not a G25, and G27 is supposed to be smoother on FFB, either way, I really hate it when people exaggerate, especially about such outstanding products.

    In Australia, it's $300 vs $1200 G27 vs CSRe+CSP, so when someone calls a G25/27 a joke, I wonder about their motivation.
    If someone has the cash for CSRe, go for it, but don't think you must buy the CSRe to bypass some crappy toy wheel from Logitech....G27 is one of the most impressive products I've ever bought.

    Not only does it feel better to use all over the place, but it's allowed me to go much faster, and when I'm motoring and have to quickly counter steer, G27 smoothness{compared to DFGT} and in general is impressive, as is the quality and quantity of FFB.
    rf2 gives me sore forearms after a long stint and the Dirt2 demo made my shoulders burn after about 15mins......needless to say, if you want even more FFB weight, then go for the CSRe, but just be careful you don't overspend and write off one of the great gaming devices.

    As for pedals, they put a smile on my face when I unboxed them as I could see and feel how sturdy they were, they're nothing like the real toy wheel{DFGT}, G27 pedals are solid and quite precise....in fact, one of the first things I did was take the 2007 F1 mod to spa{simbin}, and on lap 4, equaled my best time even though I was terrible on the brakes, you see, it was the precision of the gas pedal and what felt like extra downforce on the front that allowed me to produce my best time even though I hadn't gotten used to the very different feeling brake pedal.

    There's no doubt that the chunky paddles shifters of CSRe would be impressive, but G27 paddles are better than I thought whilst racing, especially downshifting with any F1 cars.

    Calling something like a G27 a joke/toy/crap or whatever doesn't really make sense, of course, that's not to say it's the best thing since sliced bread, but needless to say, I'm very happy with it.
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