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G27 Car Rotation Limit Issue

Discussion in 'Assetto Corsa' started by Ho3n3r, Feb 18, 2015.

  1. I know I can technically play the game with this issue, but it's annoying as hell, and it isn't really correct either.

    So, say if you play with the Exos S1, and the steering lock is 450 degrees. Now, the game automatically decreases the rotation of the wheel, so that you only have movement on the car from -225 to 225 degrees.

    But it doesn't stop the movement like it does for rFactor 2. I.e. the wheels stop moving on screen at -/+225, but I can still physically move the wheel up to the max range, i.e. -/+450 degrees. Thus, in a hairpin, I can move past the limit of movement for the car and not know it, as I don't really realise how far I have moved the wheel.

    What I've done so far:
    - I moved to Windows 8.1 from Windows 7, and did a full re-download and install of the game. Thus, I can rule out operating system. Logitech Profiler was also reconfigured from scratch, obviously.
    - Played with the setup wizard in-game, and got settings from another G27 user who says he doesn't have the same problems as I do. Did not help.
    - Run Assetto Corsa and Logitech Profiler as Administrator. Did not help.
    - Tried manually configuring Logitech Profiler to 450 degrees full rotation, which just halves the car's rotation in-game. Pretty tricky to drive with 225 degrees rotation. :p

    I know I can drive with it, but I'm looking for a solution here. Clearly I've configured something wrong somewhere, as others don't seem to have that problem.

    Thanks in advance.
  2. Tomi

    ”Maximum Attack!” Premium

    You should just put 900 degrees from Logitech profiler and let the game handle the rest. AC adjust automaticly right rotation for you. Yes , there isn't hard lock, but you very rarely turn wheel more than 180 degrees in one direction when you drive. Not even in hairpins. So it doesn't matter that there isn't hard lock.
  3. If that's really the case then they really need to work on implementing it. And you do turn the wheel more than that sometimes.

    Also, I have it set to 900 as well in Profiler.

    There must be a way currently, so if anyone else has any idea, please leave a comment. :)
  4. Matheus Machado

    Matheus Machado
    Talking Door Racing Premium

    Last edited: Feb 18, 2015
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  5. Tomi

    ”Maximum Attack!” Premium

    Do you use 900 in AC too? Because that isrecommendation. Then AC adjust right totation for each car. And actually there is very soft lock, but you can still turn your wheel past the rotation limit.
  6. I do. And yes, that is exactly what I'm trying to stop.
  7. Tomi

    ”Maximum Attack!” Premium

    Oh sorry, I misread your first post:(
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  8. The only way I know of to get it at all convenient is to set the profiler to the limit you want (eg. 450), the game to a small number of degrees (like 50), then change it in the profiler when you switch cars. That way the game always uses the full degrees available from the profiler, & then stops. Which is not that convenient at all.

    I'm not clear on why they don't want to address the issue but they've known about it for a while.
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  9. I can actually live with that until someone posts a proper fix. :)