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G27 Brake Sensitivity

Discussion in 'Stock Car Extreme' started by Neil Harvey, Jul 2, 2012.

  1. I've noticed it only takes the slightest touch on the brake, and I'm locking up :O_o:

    Other than the brake pressure, is there an option somewhere to lower the sensitivity and also the deadzone?

    Can't seem to find anything in menu related to the brake.
  2. Bram

    Ezekiel 25:17 Staff Premium

    I am using a G27 as well with the default settings of the game. Did you use the G27 preset?
  3. I think controller 2-options....
  4. Mines also default, i have no problems at all :)
  5. Thanks for the reply lads, had another look and checked my settings.

    G27 preset loaded - controller 2 options, I've set the 'Digital Brake Rate' from minimum 10% and up, don't see much difference. So not sure exactly what that's doing.

    I did a practice with the formula 1 (Interlagos) with 88% brake pressure and F bias 55. I can lock the brakes with less than half the brake pressed down, and without any gear down changes.

    Only way for me to help the problem, is lower the brake pressure to 70% and increase the F bias as well. This just makes it a little less sensitive, but I'm still only pressing the brake pedal less than half way down!

    Tried looking for Digital Brake Rate in the various files, without any luck. Was going to try and lower it even more to see if that makes any difference.

    When I compare to Race07, I'm all the way down before I lock up, and in rfactor 2 about 90% (sensitivity/deadzone tweaked).


    Bram and Scott, how far down are you pressing the brake pedal before you lock up?
  6. Just in case you haven't done it yet, reassign your pedal by selecting your brake on the control menu and pressing your pedal after. I had a similar problem once with my G27 pedals and reassigning them fixed it. Never know, worth a try if you haven't already.
  7. The Digital Rates for controllers are for XBox and PS style controllers. They have no affect on a steering wheel's axis's.
  8. Hello,
    decreases the break pression in the set up car ( between 80 and 90 % ) ;)
  9. Lower the brake sensitivity a bit. Try 40%. This means it will build "pressure" more slowly thus maybe solving your problem somewhat.
  10. Thanks again everyone for your replies, I'll try your suggestions later today.
  11. Niels_at_home

    Reiza Studios

    First thing indeed is to assign the brake controls in game. You can see the little controller bars 'fill with colour' as you press pedals and steer. Take a good look if the bar starts going red as soon as you press the pedal and keeps filling up until you've fully pressed the pedal.

    When this happens, thats great, the brake pedal is working as it should.

    With most pedals it is very easy to press them down 100% instantly. Especially for cars with downforce like the FReiza, when you're not going at the top speed, you can't press the brake fully. F1 type cars only require maximum brake pedal use for a very brief instant when you hit the brakes after a long straight. Instantly you have to let go slowly of the brake pedal because brake grip falls away when speed is lowered. Downforce falls off very fast so full braking is never done for more than a blink of an eye.

    Ideally you use 100% brake pressure in the car setup menu. However, this makes it quite a skill to brake accuratly because its easy to press too hard.

    As soon as you drop the car setup brake pressure however, you loose the peak braking ability. It may be easier to control the brakes, but your brake distances will be longer than an experienced user using 100% brake pressure.
  12. Thanks Niels, the pedal is assigned and working with the brake bar indicator. Just seems very sensitive. The FReiza shows it the most, but with a high brake pressure I can lockup with a very small amount of brake pedal with all cars.

    I'm hardly touching the pedal, let alone getting close to 100%. When I do some test laps and compare that to the brake bar indicator in the game settings, it's less than half being filled.

    That's why I was hoping there was an option to lower the sensitivity and add a little deadzone. Only thing that helps is lower the brake pressure, but as you've mentioned has effects on the braking distance.

    Roll on the release date for the new CS pedals :cool:
  13. I found reducing the sensitivity of my brake and throttle pedals in Controller 2 menu worked out well for my G27.
    I still use full brake pressure for car setup, but reducing the sensitivity of the actual pedals (which is what I think you are trying to achieve) helped to smooth out the delivery of the braking and throttle.

    I wouldnt advise using any deadzones, that just moves the same issue further down the pedal travel and is also not very realistic.
  14. Don't know about that.

    I would say a small deadzone is actually very realistic. I run about 10% in most sims. In my real car the brake pedal has a small amount of play in it......but maybe it is just broken????:roflmao:

    I see what you are saying though..Having a deadzone will basically just compress the useable range of the pedal therefore maybe exacerbating the problem even more.
  15. I'm having this problem too.
    It makes nearly impossible to use hell/toe without locking the wheels, i will try some fixes posted here.