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g27 atuomatic change of degree of rotation

Discussion in 'Sim Racing Hardware' started by baron12, Dec 10, 2015.

  1. so this is a problem i have for a very long time now (maybe even from beginning), but I did not bother that much because it doesn't happen that often...

    so i am using logitech profiler for different games, everything works normal but sometimes in the middle of the game, specially after i am playing it for long time there will be some click in hardware which will change degree of rotation from degree set in profiler to something random (usually into much higher degree), the only way to fix that is to go out of the game and relaunch it. at first i thought maybe the click means settings jump from profiler to g27 properties settings, so i stopped using profiler and just set the global setings to what i wanted, and it still happend on random occassion, in every game, but mostly WRC 4, then there are some other games which it happens very rarely, but still does . Is anyone experiencing something similar? What could be the problem? It feels like there is some kind of freeze that will make g27 forget the settings or whatever.
  2. this is still happening. does anyone have similar problem?