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G25 Win 10

Discussion in 'Sim Racing Hardware' started by Rob Every, Jul 14, 2016.

  1. I am sure you have read countless threads about this.

    Win 10 has no idea whatsoever that I have my G25 plugged in.

    The thing spins round initially on boot as it always does, power light is on, then the light just goes off and the wheel is dead after that initial whirl and password for desktop is applied.

    Doesn't show up in device manager, does show up in windows game controllers but green light is not working. Have tried unplugging and plugging, get the usual test twirl, installs perhaps default gaming software then green light just turns off.

    Have tried latest logitech software but that's about as useful as throwing snow into the Sun, nothing apeears in tray, and nothing comes up on screen after it syas you have successfully installed!

    So as it stands I can't play anything, as 10 does not recognise my controller that is plugged in, powered on and ready.

    I know they are bit old now but for Pete's sake!
  2. Forgive the quick reply

    I have managed to get 5.1 installed, so will try that and see if it works OK.

    Did a search on here and found some older posts.